Certified pre-owned Mercs with Proven Exclusivity

Certified pre-owned Mercs with Proven Exclusivity

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Mercedes aficionados now have a more affordable means to indulge in their love for the brand without losing any peace of mind. Through the newly launched ‘Proven Exclusivity’ programme, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia now has its very own certified pre-owned cars programme.

MBM believes that this exercise, at the very least helps them keep residual values of existing Benzes up. The benefits here are two-fold, especially in Malaysia, where second hand value of cars are decisive factors in making purchase decisions. Additionally, strong residual values of cars in the customer’s possession makes upgrading from an E-class to an S-class a much easier preposition.

According to Peter Honegg, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, this programme is ideal for Mercedes-Benz enthusiast to confidently purchase pre-owned Mercedes-Benz as they carry the company’s seal of approval on quality and performance backed with certification and warranties.

“Mercedes-Benz has strong heritage and recognition in Malaysia. Thanks to its overall aspects of safety, comfort, reliability and good residual value, pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars have continued to generate impressive demand.”

Buyers purchasing their Mercs through this programme can do so with complete peace of mind. Cars are only accepted under the programme if they were originally sold through Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s network of authorized dealers. The cars are also not more than five-years of age, and have clocked less than 100,000km of travel.

Once taken in, the cars are put through a comprehensive 215-point inspection by specially trained personnel. In addition to the condition of the car itself, the service history and mileage of the cars are rigourously checked and verified against their own records.

Honegg further added, “Buyers can now rest assured that their cars carry the same standards that new cars owners have long been used to. At our dealerships, these customers also benefit from interaction with people who know our cars very well and are backed by the expertise and resources of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.”

After buying the car, customers are given a minimum warranty of 12 months / 20,000km in addition to servicing benefits at the respective dealerships.

The Proven Exclusivity programme will be offered in phases at selected Mercedes-Benz dealerships nationwide starting with five dealerships – Cycle & Carriage Bintang Petaling Jaya, Cycle & Carriage Bintang Mutiara, Hap Seng Star Kinrara, NZ Wheels Klang and Lowe Motor Juru. Phase II, scheduled for early 2010, will see four more dealerships come on board.

Current Mercedes-Benz owners who wish to trade-in their cars can take advantage of the attractive value and seamless, hassle free trade-in process. The Proven Exclusivity programme is also supported by a website to search for pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars for sale and provide in-depth details on the vehicles listed.


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