Exorbitant parking rates!

Exorbitant parking rates!

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Parking Rate Card
Parking Rate Card

Did anyone have any comments on parking rates – especially those around Klang Valley? Since my office has been for the past many years, located in the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur, I have noticed that the parking rates here are high rising. One of them where I am parking now…used to be RM3 per entry (3 years ago) and is now RM5.50.


And talking about per entry, does it really mean per ONE entry? What if I park my car there for 3 days, still it is considered per entry right? (Comments are welcomed at the comments section below).
Ok, I have to complain about this particular parking in a high-rise building in downtown KL.
Ticket stamp entry at 16:45 = 4.45pm.
When inserted into ticket machine, machine stamp exit at 17:42 = 5.42pm.
That’s 3 mins to 1 hour right? And I did enter before 5pm right?
Question: How much should I pay for the parking?

The machine shows RM5.00!!!!!  Being in and out of this building quite often recently, I knew I have to exit before 1 hour to avoid the exorbitant charge (I exited 4 mins late the other day and was charged RM4 extra that equates to RM1 per minute…sigh!) but alas, rushing to exit has no effect… I think the machine overcharge me RM3! Complaining to the guards and staff there is to no avail, one pointing to another, and the final one who answers says “after 5pm, charge is RM3” – but hellooo…. I ENTER BEFORE 5pm!!
Secure Parking, if you read this; please relook at your machine programming!


  1. It also depends on whether the entry and exit clocks are synchronized. There was one instance where I entered a car park, left in less than 20 minutes, but the clock out time shows that the total time in the car park was slightly more than 30 minutes.

  2. I forgot to take a picture of the ticket. I read the time stamp printed on it, and it is definately less than 1 hour. And only after I left that I realized I should have at least taken a receipt as a proof.

  3. Same thing here. Yeah, I parked at star-hill gallery for dinner at jogoya. It was supposed to be RM5 flat after 6pm but I entered at 5.20pm. Guess how much is the charges?
    Its RM12.50. It was supposed to be RM7.50 if they charged an extra hour (5-6pm) but they charged based on hourly basis from 5.20pm up to 9 something when I left.

    By the way, the rates above has cheap weekend parking. May I know where is it? It could be handy when I need to go to pavilion on weekends.

  4. Here’s something I encountered before:

    Per hour before 6pm : RM2-00
    Per entry after 6pm : RM3-00

    I entered at say 5pm and exited at 9pm (under 4 hours). Charges came out to be a whooping RM8-00!!! When I asked why was I charged at the hourly rate in full and not hourly up to 6pm and per entry rate thereafter and was just told, “Boss masuk waktu hourly rate, kena hourly rate penuh sampai keluar”….zzzzz

  5. richard,

    I think for your case, its fine because you really enter before their flat rate starts (before 6pm). Assuming its RM2 per hour, you are charged RM8 is ok, unless the add in RM3 (the per entry after 6 charge), then you should complain.

    In my case, I think that is what they did :(

  6. A lot of parking operators cheat us without us knowing… The checking in time (when we get our ticket) is always 5 or 10 mins early… say, the time is 1pm but the ticket shows 1255am. But when you get out, the clock is right…. Anyone encountered this before?? Its happening in MOST car parks!!

    Most people don’t check the clock when we take the ticket!!

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