2010 E-class brochure leaked

2010 E-class brochure leaked

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Interior details and final exterior styling out in the open


Frankly, I am not sure Ilike the styling of the new E-Class. It looks like a heavily watered down interpretation of the very masculine and gorgeous S-Class but angular designs are generally more difficult to appreciate in two dimensional pictures, so there is hope that the car will look a lot better in the flesh.


The interior, on the other hand is great, elegant, understated and neatly laid out.


We can offer you a snapshot of the specs page but not much more than that in terms of technical tidbits. but do keep checking back for more information.

2010-mercedes-e-class-3.jpg  2010-mercedes-e-class-8.jpg  2010-mercedes-e-class-15.jpg  interior1.jpg  rear.jpg


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