ECU pin-out Assignment

ECU pin-out Assignment

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Well, as a kick start, I have decided to post something I did back in 2006. Some might find this hard to digest, many will find it useful I hope.

For those who are driving a Satria/Wira/Arena 1.3/1.5/1.8, manufactured from late 2001, to date, your engine (4G13/4G15/4G93) is managed by a new ECU made by Siemens-VDO called EMS 400.

This ECU has two sectors called ECU1 and ECU2, with 120 pin terminals in total. Only 45 are used for the 4G13/15.

Here’s the pin-out I managed to assign

 ::ECU terminal number (Wire color code) Assignment::ECU 1 (black connector)
2 (B-Y) ignition switch-ST (M/T)
3 (G-Y) A/C compressor relay
5 (Bk) ground
7 (unknown*) post-cat O2 sensor heater power
9 (Bk) pre-cat O2 sensor heater power
10 (Bk) ground
11 (R ) power supply
12 (R ) backup power supply
16 (B-Y) pre-cat O2 sensor ground
17 (W) pre-cat O2 sensor signal output
18 (B-Y) ignition switch-ST & inhibitor switch A/T
19 (unknown*) post-cat O2 sensor ground
20 (unknown*) post-cat O2 sensor signal output
27 (B-W) dual-switch for condenser fan relay
29 (L-Bk) ignition switch-IG
33 (W-R) power supply and fuel pump control relays
34 (Br-Y) purge control solenoid valve
35 (G-Bk) engine fan relay
37 (Y) unidentified
38 (G) unidentified
44 (G) A/C switch signal to A/C control unit
58 (Bl) unidentified
59 (Y-W) vehicle speed sensor
60 (W) unidentified

ECU 2 (gray connector)
63 (Y-Bl) injector #1
64 (Y-Bk) injector #2
65 (B-G) injector #3
66 (L-W) injector #4
67 (R-L) ISC servo motor power (+5V)
68 (Bk) ISC servo motor ground
69 (Bk) ground
71 (B-Y) ignition coil power transistor control
72 (B-R) ignition coil power transistor ground
78 (Y-G) coolant sensor power (+5V)
79 (Bk) IAT sensor and coolant temp. sensor ground
80 (Y) IAT sensor power (+5V)
81 (G) MAP sensor power (+5V)
84 (G) TPS ground
85 (W) TPS
87 (L) TPS
89 (G-R) TPS
99 (Bk) crankshaft sensor ground
100 (W) crankshaft sensor power (+5V)
104 (Bk) cam angle sensor ground
105 (Bk) MAP sensor ground
106 (W) cam angle sensor signal
108 (G-R) MAP sensor signal
112 (R ) cam angle sensor & TPS power
117 (unknown**) knock sensor
118 (unknown**) knock sensor

* Step III engines only
** 4G9 only
unidentified pin out – presumably to dash dials and indicators

Wire Color Code:
Bk = black
G = green
Y = yellow
R = red
W = white
L = light blue
Bl = blue

Disclaimer: information provided might not be 100% accurate. However, I spent 3 hours taking the ECU out for the Wire Color Code, and putting it back. Terminal Assignment is based on the official information gathered via undisclosable sources. Use this information at your own risk.


  1. Do you know what are the wires code at the ignition switch? I found that there are total of 6 wires located at the connector & having trouble of sorting out of it.

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