BMW CleanEnergy Arrives in Singapore

BMW CleanEnergy Arrives in Singapore

Singaporeans had the opportunity to experience the future of environmentally-friendly sustainable transportation when the BMW CleanEnergy Hydrogen 7 Series cars were presented for public viewing at the launch of the BMW CleanEnergy Pavilion today. Singapore was the only South-East Asian country to showcase the cars.

The five liquid hydrogen-powered cars were the stars of the BMW CleanEnergy technology showcase. Four of these vehicles provided chauffeured rides for key VIPs and media, while the fifth was on show to the public in a futuristic, glass-and-steel pavilion located at the corner of Beach and Ophir Roads. The BMW CleanEnergy experience, supported by the National Environment Agency and the Singapore Environment Council, ran from March 6-23, 2008

Officially opened on the evening of March 6 by the Senior Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Amy Khor, the BMW CleanEnergy event provided a rare opportunity for Singaporeans to see and understand more about sustainable mobility. Experts from the BMW Group were on hand to explain CleanEnergy technology to visitors during the event.


“The BMW CleanEnergy event adds another milestone to Singapore’s commitment to research and development, test-bedding and pilot projects in the field of clean, environmentally sustainable and renewable energy,” said the Managing Director of BMW Asia, Mr Roland Krueger. “With a growing focus on the search for sustainable and environmentally friendly fuels in Singapore, and its prominent position as a research and development hub, we believe this is an excellent opportunity to engage the public on the latest developments in hydrogen combustion technology – one which the BMW Group has been pioneering. We are proud to be able to bring the BMW CleanEnergy Hydrogen 7 Series cars here and thank the National Environment Agency, the Singapore Environment Council and our other government partners for helping to make this possible in Singapore,” Mr. Krueger added.

“With the BMW Hydrogen 7, the BMW Group is opening up a new era for the development of automobiles with alternative drive technologies. After extensive research lasting more than 20 years, the BMW Group is able to underline emphatically its leadership in cutting edge technology. This alternative, clean energy technology, brand-new in a series production car, provides a comparable level of performance as one equipped with a gasoline engine. A hydrogen-fuelled car with a combustion engine is able to offer power, performance, driving dynamics, motoring refinement and, as a result, sheer driving pleasure of the supreme standard expected of a BMW.”


  1. i’m doing this project on how to make a car that wont use gasoline.
    i came up with this idea that the car will be like how you can make electicity from a bike, but the thing is the tires will be making the electricity because they are always going round and round, so the car will run out of electricity because there will be this battery that will save a certain amount of power so when someone wants to use the car, it can use the energy that was saved; and gain more energy when the car it starts to move.
    i just want to know what do you think of that idea, and what more do i need to make it better.

    thank you

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