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Kuala Lumpur, Thursday, 12 July 2007 – Isuzu Malaysia today introduced its new 2007 model D-Max pick-up truck that is expected to play a significant role in elevating the profile of pick-up trucks in the market. The new Isuzu D-Max which offers significant improvements in performance, comfort and fuel economy has been touted for its car-like feel and handling which will appeal to a cross-over market who want the refinement of a passenger car yet be able to also enjoy a pick-up’s versatility and durability.

Speaking at the launch, CEO of Isuzu Malaysia Kyoya Kondo said that the new D-Max is expected to bridge the gap to those who may not have considered pick-up trucks before due to its perceived reputation of having a harsh ride, cumbersome handling and utilitarian trim.

“The 2007 D-Max combines all the virtues of every Isuzu D-Max ever built which include durability, reliability and fuel efficiency but we’ve made it more appealing to the masses who demand the comfort, refinement and trappings of a passenger car in the package too,” he said.

Top of the improvement list for the D-Max is the introduction of the new 3-litre Super Commonrail engine that not only boasts of improved power output at 136ps @3,400rpm and 19% more fuel efficiency than its predecessor, it also offers superior refinement and very impressive low-end torque, making it extremely relaxed whether crawling through deep mud in the rainforest or cruising with the family on an interstate highway.

The torque figures remain the same as in the previous model with a peak of 280Nm for the manual version and 294Nm for the automatic but the manner in which the torque is delivered is dramatic. The curve peaks at 1,200 rpm (manual) and 1,400rpm (auto) and remains flat all the way across the powerband to 3,400rpm (manual) and 3,000rpm (auto), giving drivers “instant” power on tap without needing to downshift or wait tirelessly for the engine to come into zone.

With the appeal of the new model anticipated to raise demand, Isuzu Malaysia expects to sell 1,500 units of the new D-Max by the end of the year, achieving a total sales volume of 2,800 units for the year.

“Our initial target of 2,400 units this year has been revised upwards, buoyed by the positive feedback from dealers and those who have viewed the vehicle and we are confident that the new model will attract a larger number of the urban buyers who will be impressed with the new Isuzu D-Max’s excellent driving manners,” added Kondo.

Kondo further expects that the demand for the new car will cement the position of Isuzu as the No. 2 pick-up brand in Sabah and Sarawak with a market share of 24% and No. 3 in the overall Malaysian pick-up segment with a market share of 14%.

The new Isuzu D-Max features a host of improvements aimed at raising the appeal for the truck to a wider audience. Among them are improvements to the interior with new trim and seat fabric, improved seat contours and a re-designed dashboard to give the new D-Max more sophisticated outlook.

The instrument panel of the 3-litre version for example uses an ultra-modern e-Lumax meter cluster that provides excellent readability under all ambient lighting conditions. The panel also features a trip computer to help drivers measure their driving performance with instant and average fuel consumption readings.

Externally, the new D-Max has a more contemporary outlook with changes meant to give it a more dynamic appeal without losing any of its practical benefits including its legendary maneuverability through rugged terrain.

Most apparent is the new-look front end of the D-Max that features an integrated grille and bumper design. The headlights on the 3-litre are also a class-leading ellipsoidal projector design for improved penetration and 14% more brightness compared to conventional multi-reflector-type lamps.

There are new metallic colours available for the 2007 D-Max and these include Mercury Silver, Eclipse Blue and Gamma Gray that complement the existing Starry Black Mica and Angelic White.

The new Isuzu D-Max line-up will include the legendary 2.5L 4×2 Manual, a 3.0L 4×4 Manual and 3.0L 4×4 Auto and the price starts at RM69,119.10 on-the-road without insurance for the 2.5 version (Pen Mal) (RM70,994.10 in Sabah) (RM70,791.30 in Sarawak) while the metallic 3.0LS Ddi iTEQ Super Commonrail automatic version retails for RM94,078.10 on-the-road without insurance (Pen Mal) (RM94,780.70 in Sabah) (RM95,011.10 in Sarawak).


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