New Sleek Dynamic Aprilia For Urban Mobility

New Sleek Dynamic Aprilia For Urban Mobility

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Kuala Lumpur, Thursday October 7, 2004. Agile, safe, sporty and definitely practical, an ideal combination that best describes the all-new Aprilia Sportcity 200 introduced today. Incorporating the latest technology from the Italian motorcycle giant, the Aprilia Sportcity 200 is the answer to the needs of the urban dweller who demands a stylish machine to manoeuvre crowded city streets and yet satisfy his passion for weekend jaunts in the countryside.

The latest large-wheel scooter from Aprilia, a brand synonymous with high-performance motorcycling comes loaded with advanced features and manufacturing innovations to make the new Sportcity 200 so much more than just “a means of transport”.

Speaking at the launch of the new Aprilia Sportcity 200 at Aprilia’s modern and chic showroom in Bangsar, Director of Moto Millia En Muhammad Fadhil Ahmad said that the new bike truly elevates the standards of scooter technology to lofty heights.

“Aprilia is a brand that is synonymous with excellence in motorcycle technology be it for the most discerning enthusiast who wants the most exhilarating ride on a race-bred machine or the rider who demands the highest level of technology in his daily machine, the breeding of the new Sportcity 200 is definitely unmistakeable,” he said in his address.

“The Sportcity 200 gains a wealth of technological advancements crammed into a scooter frame making this possibly the most advanced scooter in its class today,” he added.

Powered by a single cylinder 200cc engine employing four valve technology, the scooter produces 21 hp placing the Sportcity 200 at the top of its class with brilliant acceleration and a high top speed.

The liquid-cooled engine provides more consistent performance regardless of riding conditions while the exhaust system incorporates a catalytic converter to ensure that the Sportcity 200 produces emissions so low it falls well within the Euro 2 emission standards. Coupled to a nine-litre fuel tank and miserly fuel consumption with its efficient design, the Sportcity 200 will be a boon to those wishing to stretch their ringgit.

With a large diameter 260mm disk brake mounted with floating callipers and two parallel pistons up front and a 220mm disk with double opposed piston callipers mounted on the rear of the Sportcity 200, stopping power will never be wanting especially when combined with the 15-inch wheels and large tyres. The tough but lightweight tubular steel frame provides stiffness unparalleled in scooter engineering enabling riders to get the most out of their machines on any ride.

Ergonomics used to be the domain of large touring bikes but not any more as owners of the new Aprilia Sportcity 200 will quickly discover. The large seat for instance provides excellent comfort whether riding solo or two up and the contours allow the riders to enjoy long distances without facing fatigue or sore backs. The large flat platform allows extra loads to be carried and it intelligently narrows under the rider’s legs to allow him or her to place their feet on the ground firmly and quickly when stopping.

Clever use of space allows the under-seat storage compartment to hold a helmet and other small items while a lockable storage compartment has been incorporated into the rear of the leg shield. There’s even a power socket handy for you to plug in small electrical items such as a charging cable for your mobile phone or for other DC-powered items.

A luggage rack in the rear incorporates the passenger’s grab handles and will take a top box if necessary to allow you to bring along even more items on your journey. A useful carrier hook up front is ideal for those take-away packets of noodles or teh tarik without spilling.

Functional side guards are designed to take two optional pannier bags and for riding in adverse weather, the sleek front shield provides excellent weather protection even in monsoon conditions

The Aprilia Sportcity 200 will be on sale at Moto Millia immediately. Priced around RM13,500.00, the Aprilia Sportcity 200 is the ideal solution for the urbanite who also enjoys the great outdoors without needing two different bikes.


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