WPC: A New Beginning

WPC: A New Beginning

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Waja Performance Club (WPC) had its 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Proton Edar’s Centre of Excellence in Subang Jaya on 24th of April, 2004.

Approximately 40 members attended the meeting. The AGM started with a short speech by outgoing WPC President Mr Roy Hew, who thanked the members for their support to the club, past and present. He expressed hope that the same support will be extended to the newly elected committee and that the legacy of WPC will continue for many more years to come.

Mr David Lee, the chairperson of the AGM proceeded with the matters of the day. Minutes of the previous meetings, audited financial reports and a list of activities were presented to the members. Amendments to the Club constitution were proposed, seconded and adopted as a single resolution.

This year’s AGM saw the election of the new committee members for 2004 and they are ( Autoworld nicknames in brackets) :

Chairman – Harold Liew (Haroldliew)
President – Romanoff Ridzuan (Raul)
Vice President – Sri Ganesh Subramaniam (Ganesh8)
Secretary – David Lau (A4Dave)
Asst. Secretary – Ian Tan (Ahpek)
Treasurer – Alvin Frederick Ratnaike (MK)
Committee – Muhamad Faril (F7822)
Committee – Leong Weng Tuck (Leo)
Committee – Wan Mohd Firdaus (Firdausasri)
Committee – Abdul Maleak (Jbrean)
Committee – Ng Han Seng (Neo79)

The new Committee went on stage and introduced themselves, expressing their sincere thanks to the members for the confidence and trust placed upon them. The new Committee vowed to serve the Club and its members to the best of their abilities and declared ‘More activities to come!’


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