Malaysia Gets First Maybach in Asia

Malaysia Gets First Maybach in Asia

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If you are driving along the highway and see a huge limousine and can’t figure out what it is, you may be looking at the first Maybach officially delivered in Asia.

According to a source at DaimlerChrysler Malaysia, the super luxury limousine produced by Mercedes-Benz was purchased by a customer in Malaysia and delivered recently. However, it is the company’s policy not to disclose the identities of customers and the only thing that can be said is that the purchase was made by a member of one of the royal households.

The unit is known to be a right-hand drive Maybach 62 with some options included. The standard price of this top version, which is 6.17 metres long (almost the length of two Perodua Kancils), is 370,000 euros which is equivalent to RM1.7 million – before Malaysian import tax is paid. The current import duty for completely built-up vehicles at the highest tier is 300% so it would be at least RM5.1 million; however, royalty does have the privilege of tax-free importation of vehicles.

The next time a new Maybach is shipped to Asia will be in September 2003 when some 10 units will be delivered to customers in Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea.

Equipped with the automotive technology of the 21st century, crafted in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and designed with scrupulous attention to detail, the new Maybach saloons reflect the expertise of DaimlerChrysler as the world’s most innovative and tradition-steeped vehicle manufacturer while benefiting from the technical leadership, know-how and unique experience of its sister-brand Mercedes-Benz in the worldwide luxury car segment.

The Maybach defines the standards at the very peak of the passenger car market, at the same time continuing the tradition of the legendary Maybach automobiles which were among the elite in German and international automotive engineering together with Mercedes-Benz during the 1920s and 1930s.

Trailblazing innovations so far uniquely available in Mercedes-Benz vehicles have undergone further development for the Maybach and are included in the standard equipment: the electro-hydraulic braking system Sensotronic Brake Control, the electronically controlled air suspension system AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control), LINGUATRONIC voice control, the operating and display system COMAND APS and the automatic emergency call system TELEAID.

These are complemented by further masterpieces of automotive engineering which were specifically developed for the Maybach and substantiate its claim to the high-end position in the luxury car segment: the “Type 12″ engine (405 kW/550 hp), which delivers more power and torque than any other standard-production saloon car engine in the world, a 600W sound system with Dolby surround sound at every seat, a highly-efficient 4-zone climate control system with two separate air conditioners and – exclusive to the Maybach 62 – innovative and comfortable fully-reclining seats in the rear.

In the Maybach, technological excellence is said to be combined with equally unique elegance, aesthetics and design perfection. The harmonious interplay of form, colour and materials lends these high-end saloons a design quality which accentuates their serene character and gives them an unmistakable identity. The Maybach is a highly elegant embodiment of greatness; its special stylistic appeal derives from a perfect balance of classic and avantgarde features. The lines of the Maybach hold a timeless appeal – an ideal which applies to both the exterior and interior design. In every sense of the word this makes the new Maybach an automobile for life.

The highest quality materials – among them more than 100 exquisitely crafted and hand-fitted items of exotic wood trim – embellish the interior, whose design was guided by one overriding objective: the greatest possible comfort and well-being for all the passengers.

This is achieved not just by the capacious size of the interior, which has an overall length of 2.25/2.68 metres but also by the sumptuous comfort of the seating and climate and by the virtual absence of noise, all of which adds up to a truly exceptional motoring experience.

Everything which even the most demanding travellers might require in the way of entertainment, communication and sheer pleasure during a journey in the Maybach is included as standard: from a DVD player to a TV receiver, from a refrigerated compartment to a cordless telephone with two handsets. At the same time the extensive range of standard equipment leaves plenty of scope for individuality – another way in which the luxury brand is following the tradition of the legendary Maybach cars of earlier years,

The extensive range of standard and optional equipment gives Maybach customers over two million ways of equipping their high-end luxury car to their personal taste. All this can also be complemented with high-quality accessory items which have been specifically developed for the Maybach – from a custom-made luggage set to a champagne goblet of sterling silver, from a humidor to a golf bag and from floor mats of the finest velour to a fluffy travel rug.

A range of 17 paint finishes is available for the exterior, and as a further elegant feature of the Maybach these may be combined to produce a two-tone colour scheme.
Approximately two dozen additional extras are available as technical equipment to satisfy personal requests or requirements. These include further, exclusive Mercedes innovations for even greater comfort and travelling enjoyment – for example the proximity control system DISTRONIC, the access and locking system KEYLESS-GO or active seat ventilation.

Because the Maybach is made in the modern “Manufaktur” – a manufacturing facility in which craftsmanship plays a major part – and in very small numbers averaging five vehicles per day, it is possible to meet further individual customer requirements and thereby make each of these luxury cars unique in its own way.


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