Sepang Advanced & Racing Driving Course

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    This article and all the pictures herein are provided by “whlim_21″.

    Guys, on 1 August 2000 (1/8/00) I (whlim_21) got myself involved in Sepang Adv & Racing Driving Course
    in Sepang FI-circuit (missed 2 classes in the process). We (about 10 of us) are actually Pioneers in
    the Adv. Driving course.

    Here are the rough idea of what we did:

    9.00 to11.00 am:
    Taught us theory first by Head Instructor Mr. Chew. Everyone was assigned an instructor
    (All instructors actually have part-time or full-time experience in Car Racing, mine is En.
    Azizan. He was seen in action in the Last Proton Merdeka Race). Followed by testing our
    skills, few laps of familiarization run in the Course…

    11.00am to1.00 pm:
    Had a free run in the track (with own car).
    Lunch, short film (Safety & Adv Driving)…

    1.00 to 4.00pm:
    Theory (part 2) consists of steering control, seating posture, safe driving tips.
    Braking pad (try avoid the “kid (cone)” @ 70km/h – wet surface). Skid-handling controls came next. We actually
    experience and tried Rally driving stuff (muddy/un-tarred pebbled surfaces – round cones) –
    handbrake utilizing…

    I’m the unfortunate to mess things up when it’s my turn to drive, skidded, bumped and dragged the cone
    which ended-up under the car (not used to the manual Wira (unusually high clutch bite point) and afraid to
    thrash my car and the noises (pebbles) under the cars). But I had the chance being
    a passenger 4 times and felt what it’s like to Rally. The Wira (Circuit’s car) and a Kancil (someone’s) was all
    covered with part of the earth in the end…

    4.00 – 6.00pm:
    Over/Understeer control (practical)
    Tea/meal time
    Offered Sepang T-shirt (free).
    Followed by Q&A theory sessions and filling up-surveys.
    5-lap RACE vs Each other (I came in 2nd from bottom, due to my car’s ability and my limited

    Man, my Iswara felt small VS Ferrari 328GTB, MB SL320 (both 328GTB & SL320 owned by same VIP), Porsche
    Carrera, Honda Civic (modified), Alfa 145 & 146, Toyota Cynos Paseo, Wira (Track car).
    Only 2 cars below my hierarchy:
    1) 1981 Peugeot 305GL 1.5 4 speed manual
    2) 1997 Perodua Kancil 850

    Followed by photo sessions and cert “giving” (they took it back, frame it and returned to us as we are
    the “Pioneers ” :-))

    Oh! by the way, my car is the only odd one out being Automatic.

    Will Ask Kenvin (one of instructor) for photos and if possible post it here :-)

    For those who interested, the fees, RM400 (told it’s offer price, don’t know about the subsequent batch)
    Duration 9am-5.30pm inclusive of 3 meals, surprise, Certificate (mine’s 003) and guide book.

    Ferrari 328GTB in action (one of the lucky VIP

    Alfa 146 in skidding control action


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