Tips for Selling Your Used Car

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        Selling your used car involves more that just putting an
    advertisement in the newspaper or posting a notice in the nearest convenience store. If
    you want to get the best price for your used car, there are a few things you need to do.

    Repair Or Replace Minor Items
    Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer. What minor items
    that are either broken or faulty would cause a few protests from a prospective buyer? If
    you are selling an expensive used car, the "investment" spent to replace such
    small items can be recovered a few times over through a better selling price. Apart from
    tightening up all rattling parts, some of the things that you should consider replacing or
    fixing are:

    • cracked windscreen
    • faulty radio / CD player
    • broken headlights or signal light
    • cracked or torn upholstery
    • plastic decorative strips
    • windscreen wipers with rubber peeling off

    Wash And Polish It
        Many prospective buyers are impressed or turned off by a car’s
    appearance. So give your used car a good wash and wax followed by a vacuum. If necessary,
    deodorize the inside of the car to  get rid of any odor. Don’t forget that the boot
    and the engine are infamous places for giving prospective buyer a few yelps. Clean the
    engine if necessary, especially if leaking gaskets have left oil traces here and there.
        If necessary, top up the brake fluid and water level in the battery so
    as not to give an impression of neglect.

    Place Your Advertisement
    There are many ways of advertising, a few of which are free. If you
    are not in a rush to sell, you can just display a "For Sale" sign on top of the
    car’s roof (or wherever) with your phone number.
        Another way to advertise free is post a notice in the nearest
    convenience store. If you plan to advertise in the Classifieds of a newspaper, be sure to
    state the type, model, year, mileage, asking price, phone number, and best contact hours.
    Plus selling points should also be included such as "road tax valid for 10
    months" or "turbo installed 3 months ago" or "driven only by
    lady". By listing your asking price, you can save much time by avoiding bargain

    Be Prepared To Deal With Offers
    Be mentally prepared that prospective buyers will try to slice off
    at least five to ten percent of your asking price; at the same time, many will also
    pretend to be shocked at minor faults in the car. Also, have the following documents ready
    to show to prospective buyers: car registration, service book, receipts of parts replaced
    or repairs.
        Take down the prospective buyer’s phone number if the offer price is
    below your asking price so that you can call him or her should you change your mind later.
    If a prospective buy wants to take the car for a spin, make sure you tag along. On
       rare instances, conmen have merely driven off with the seller’s cars!
        Finally may the best price be yours.


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