BMW Advanced Driving Courses in Sepang

BMW Advanced Driving Courses in Sepang

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BMW and Auto Bavaria will soon be offering advanced driving courses at the Sepang Circuit. The day-long courses will be offered to BMW owners but Auto Bavaria will supply the cars. Full details will only be available after the media preview on July 23rd but it is likely that the courses will be based on BMW’s Driver Training Courses in Germany and Japan.

In Germany, BMW’s courses are held at a specially designed site on the edge of Munich airport and there are various packages ranging from half a day to a couple of days. A standard full-day course costs 890 Deutschmarks (about RM1,800). Participants typically receive instruction on driving dynamics and have lots of hands-on exercises that teach them about braking and handling.

Besides Germany, there is also a similar type of BMW course in Japan and at certain times of the year, special events are organised where participants drive great distances. BMW’s own instructors (which include former rally driver Rauno Aaltonen) also travel to other countries occasionally to conduct courses organised by local importers.


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