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4x4 Sifu Help Pls, Feroza or Jimny

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Posted 03 December 2004 - 12:40 AM


    Road Warrior

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U joined the dark force of the K20A and B20C.........
Nevermind on the look out to smoke Hondas kekekeke.
So figured out what is my ride yet?


Posted 03 December 2004 - 02:32 PM



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errr tell me lah what machine ? errrr GA16DE isist , or neovvl. how to
guess ? so many .


Posted 14 December 2004 - 11:50 AM


    Road Warrior

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Just an idea...why not Kembara?

1. cheap spare parts.
2. lot's of spare parts.
3. cheap r/tax.
4. abled offroader. (have a look at some pix
5. comfortable ride onroad.

Hardcore? I think that should not be a prob. Have a look at this pix

Maybe a second thought...


Posted 14 December 2004 - 12:39 PM


    Road Warrior

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But with the Kembara u cannot fit 35inch tyres, troublesome to fit
camping gear and supplies for camping trips.
No offense but it's not what u can call a proper 4wd machine. Just a play

nope it's not a GA16DE.
As my nick name suggest.
If the Skyline GT-R is known as Godzilla in most car magazine literature
then what is a BabyGodzillaGTi-R?
But the car is very slow and cant keep up with B16Bs let alone K20A.
Traitor, how could u join the dark force that is Honda...


Posted 14 December 2004 - 04:07 PM


    Road Warrior

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Baby...you're right about the gear and supplies. I guess we can always
install those roof box.

I'm still new to 4x4 but is there any particular reason why you need a 35"
tyres. With a slimmer tyre, traction on muddy road is better as the
slimmer tyres sink in through the mud for traction while a fatter tyre
will kinda float.


Posted 15 December 2004 - 01:43 AM


    Road Warrior

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Well okay lah basically my point is that with the Kembara it is not
really considered a proper 4wd coz it lacks one thing.....
Low Range transfer case.
And as for the 35inch, that is coz i'm bitching abit of late coz i want
one. Hahahahaha.
Yes i agree with u that with thinner tyres u can slice through the mud
and able to reach hard ground as oppose to thicker mud.
Just abit annoyed that now a days most tracks are deeply rutted thanks to
many ppl using 35 inch tyres.
Oh well


Posted 15 December 2004 - 10:23 AM


    Road Warrior

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Ahh....yes...the low range transfer case. Again you are right. This is not
in the Kembara BUT! the kembara compensate for this with a much higher (or
is it lower) gear ratio. The 1st gear ratio for the older Kembara is 4.059
which is pretty good. The newer DVVT is only 3.769. If you look at the pix
of the the Kembara Club offroad outing, you'll see that the Kembara is
still an abled offraoder eventhough there is no transfer case.

Furthermore, what is the purpose of the transfer case? If I'm not wrong,
it's purpose is to provide super torque at a super low speed. The DVVT
Kembara pushes out a respectable 120Nm/3200rpm. Combine this with a much
lower gear ratio and you'll have a good mover in your hands.Wink


Posted 16 December 2004 - 12:47 AM


    Road Warrior

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But it is still not low enough compaired to a dedicated 4wd with proper
low range transfer case.
Though i admit i'm not sure about what is the reduction gears when the
ratios are all multiplied on a Kembara it is still not comparable to a
dedicated off road machine say like a Jeep Wrangler or a Range Rover.
On the average after u multiply the final drive ratio, transfer case low
range ratio, and 1st gear would roughly equate to a 43:1 compound low
As opposed to say a Kembara would probably be around say 16:1.
Just a hypothetical figure.

My opinion is that its is advantageous to have better lower ratios for
off roading. Gives u the benefits of able to crawl at ultra low speed for
better control and take advantage of the situation. Able to crwal down
hill and also u dont have to use engine torque to overcome mediocre
gearing when climbing up hills.
Do u know that those crazy rockclimbing machines how low their gear
ratios are modified to so that its able to climb almost vertical walls?
From 60:1 and as low as 100:1 by changing the ring and pinion final
drives to changing the low range gears or slaping a transfer case into a
transfer case for outright low gearing.
Haha Mad.

Dont get me wrong but i thing given the right hands the Kembara is an
excellent soft roader but u can never compare to a dedicated off road
machine as they are 2 different class.


Posted 16 December 2004 - 10:29 AM


    Road Warrior

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No worries Victor. I am still new to 4x4 stuffs. I'm just trying to gather
more information and learn from it.

I must say that you are quite right on the gearing. The Kembara certainly
will not be able to hold on its own. But like you've mentioned, you also
could change the final drive and gearing.

But, let's put that aside. Have you seen these pix?

It al least shows that the Kembara is an abled offroader and not just for
light offroading. I believe any standard 4x4 will not be able to take up a
Rain Forest challenge but with modification...now that's another story.

But say, may I ask what rig you're driving?


Posted 16 December 2004 - 06:09 PM


    Road Warrior

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Yup saw the pics.
Though judging from the pics it shows how well it performs in its
elements it's quite good for a little soft roader.
But u cannot judge it as a outright capable off road machine by looking
at the picture. Simple reason is that its more of a raid event as in
SPEED is the order of the day. U dont see really steep hills and mind
blowing undulations that will tax the supension travel to its limits and
beyond. On top of that it is still running 30 inch tyres which would
hamper ground clearance and u cant run bigger than that as the gearing is
the biggest hindrance.
But reason for my stand why it is of a different league compared to
dedicated machines like Land Rovers and Land Cruiser is that it's doesnt
have a low range trasfer case which is a definite must when the tough
gets going. On top of that with its front independant suspension its
suspension articulation is somewhat limited though it is still desirable
for on road driving.
My stand again is that i'm not critisizing the Kembara. I personally
think it is a real cute and nippy point a to b car. With excellent DVVT
should able to get the thing going around town. Though it would be nice
if Kembara do drop in the turbo 1.3 engine the top end Daihatsu Terios
models get. Would be a scorcher. And i believe to date it is the ONLY
national car that offers variable valve timing, ABS and dual AIRBAGS.
Correct me if i'm wrong though. Great value for money. But there is so
much u can do to keep up with the big boys.

Oh as for what rig i'm driving. Nothing much to shout about. Still
provides me transport to college and home.
Currently driving a Daihatsu Rocky as my dedicated off road machine and
soon to be a Toyota Hilux once i get my commercial license. And once upon
a time was driving a Classic Range Rover. Now waiting for the parts so
that i can start rebuilding the engine.