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4x4 Sifu Help Pls, Feroza or Jimny

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Posted 23 November 2004 - 05:24 PM



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Hello Eveli bodi ,Big Smile

My name is percy , i'm kinda new in this forum , i've been watching this
forum quite some time and i find everyone here are quite helpfull and
kind. and it's nice to participate in such forum . Wink

Anyway i'm a great 4x4 fan , since i have not much of a budget and no
experience then i thought of beginner level 1st or step 1, that is
choosing a 4x4 vehicle. actually my budget is less than 20k, so after
scouting around and abit of asking and kena scolding around, i have
decided to choose within Suzuki Jimny and Daihatsu Feroza.

I need a vehicle that can give me:

1. soft or medium core off road (hard core lagi baik)
2. gaya... errrr ada lagi baik lah (siapa tak mau)
3. can bring me safely inside and outside of the jungle for camping
4. spare part cheap and can find all over the place
5. affortdable in term of car price ( mau ambik loan lah)
6. Low maintenance. ( pocket very tight lah )
7. Most important thing is 4x4 parts not expensive.
8. errrr..... thats all i think, not to much to ask rite ?....Big Smile

I have seen many suzuki jimny on and off road , whereby Feroza pulak
very kurang , so i need some advise from all the 4x4 sifu , hardcore of
road sifu , diesel sifu and the forum sifu to give me some valueable
advise. pls pls pls ok

Thank you , thank you , thank you , veli the much .

Percy Hall


Posted 23 November 2004 - 11:48 PM



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hi percy...

it was true that feroza is quite rare compared to suzuki jimny... this is
due to a competition between suzuki vitara and daihatsu feroza since both
make/model in the same 1.6 litre 4WD class. it is not appropriate to
compare feroza with jimny...

in terms of performance i wud choose feroza coz it has more power. its
suspension oso easy to up grade or to be lifted. for road tax: RM361/year.
for car loan, u need to find 1996 or 97 models.. no choice lah..!

jimny (1.3 litre) oso have merits.. light, easy to maintain, many spare
parts available etc... but very bumpy lor..!

i think u should test drive both, feroza and jimny and make ur own
decision based on ur thoughts..

happy hunting...


Posted 25 November 2004 - 01:37 AM


    Road Warrior

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Hey Percy
1st of all what are your intentions? A dedicated off road machine that
can stand out in hard core situations? Or u want a round about car thats
comfortable on the road, handles reasonably well on road and can perform
the ocassional offroading?
So if u want to build a monster. Get the Jimny.
U want a comfortable road car and the odd off road trip. Get the Feroza.

With the Jimny the modifications are easier to go about as there are
plenty of after market parts, it is light and cheap. Plus it runs on
solid axles all round which is the choice for hard core 4wding. Basically
the Jimny is a good platform to build into a Rainforest Warrior. With the
Jimny u can get loads of suspension kits, lower reduction gears, Lockers.

On the other hand the Feroza makes a comfortable car but its has limited
choice of aftermarket parts. Try sourcing an aftermarket suspension
kit... The last i know of a company that made a suspension lift kit is
Ultimate Suspension using Sway a Way torsion bars and their own
leafsprings and dampers. U cannot get lockers and lower gearing for the
Feroza. And it's running independant front suspension and hence it is
weaker for offroading though it handles better on road.
Best Regard


Posted 25 November 2004 - 09:29 AM



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To all the sifu ,

Thank you so much for the reply .

so now this is a tough desicion to make ah .... But through you guys
punya experience , if for low budget player and beginner like me which
should i go for ah ? i just want to lepas off road gian and camping onli
woh. so how ah ? some even ask me to buy land cruiser II. wah lau habis
lah like that .


Posted 26 November 2004 - 01:42 AM


    Road Warrior

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Well if u think from a long term basis just get a land cruiser.
Simple reason is down to parts availability, aftermarket accesories and
it is a much more convinent car when it comes to camping as opposed to
trying to fit luggage in a feroza and jimny. Many friends that i go off
roading with started with small feroza, jimnys and vitaras are now
running land curisers.


Posted 26 November 2004 - 09:32 AM



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hi there

i also know land cruiser damn cun , but budget lah brother , lagi pun
roadtax veli the high ah ....Big Smile .. Bytheway since your kawan got use
feroza before , they got any good or bad feed back ah ???Wink. or how they
mod their vehicle cun ah ???

Very the difficult to make desicion lah how ah , maklumlah low budget
player ........Crying...

Anyway babygod last time you play sr20det isit ? on what body ? Or are you
in the sentra club ? cause me and my uncle also playing that last time(
on this B13 body ) .

Thanks and take care

percy hall


Posted 27 November 2004 - 09:30 PM



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why not get suzuki sj410.

I think you can get it at the price rm8k-10k. Plus repair and mod rm3-4k
including winch.

I've used sj410 for off road - its cheap, very low maintenance, cheap
spare parts,. low road tax... best in the jungle, slippery road,.. . You
got stuck also not much woorry ... 4 people can lift the car.


Posted 27 November 2004 - 10:37 PM



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sj410 can get around 8->10K,my uncle oso got one,
it's good for off road but not good for long travel...
both rear/front using leaf spring...bumping
compare with feroza can speed up till 120km/h and
still comfortable...spare no problem..HDC oso got
at Kedai potong...and some of the parts can take
from toyota(4K/2E engine)...


Posted 29 November 2004 - 11:28 PM


    Road Warrior

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Well like i said,
the Feroza is an excellent entry vehicle to start offroading with but its
limit is not as high as say a Land Cruiser or even the Suzuki Jimny.
Simple reason is the lack of aftermarket parts for the Feroza and it is
running independant front suspension as opposed to bigger and dedicated
4wds who run solid axles all round.

Personally if u want a comfortable car it has to be the Feroza. But if u
really wanna play hard core get a Suzuki. Either way both cars are really
tight when it comes to camping. Anyway if u do get a Land Cruiser the
resale value is still pretty good as it is highly sought after assuming
if the Cruiser is was too big for u to handle when it comes to servicing
and stuff.

And as for the SR20DET.....
Hehe that i'll rather keep u in suspense. Just give some thought to my
nickname. Hehe.
So u still hang out with the NMC club?


Posted 30 November 2004 - 02:27 PM



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Well sifu sifu,

thank you so much for the advise .Before i decide where my money should
spend i will always think of all the sifu advises .

: babygod ..... me no join NMC liow , me now pembelot join the honda club

Thank you .
Percy HallBig Smile