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Smart is Dumb from the beginning!!!

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Posted 29 May 2006 - 08:45 PM



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Smart is not a dumb car, but it's way overpriced here In Malaysia. I've
tested the car ( the neighbouring business is a import car shop, whom the
owner is very good of my old man ), in fact, a lot of cars for the past 5
years. F355, Porsche Turbo, all sorts of Mercedes etc. Smart ForTwo is
all right for a city car, but if you ( the prospective buyer ) is
struggling to meet the asking price, then you're well off with a MyVi,
which has seats for 4 persons, the ability to drive for long distances,
cheap etc. Smart FourFour is a better car, compared to the FourTwo, while
the Roadster is a plain design exercise, no more than that. The Roadster
is not fast or handles good enuff to be called a roadster. The Mazda MX5
can run rings around the Smart Roadster. These cars ( well, in Malaysia )
is just a car for those who got the money to spend. Note : Smart ForTwo
may fare well in a frontal, rollover or side collisions, but not too well
when it get banged from the rear, which is the major traffic accident
case in Malaysia.