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Need advise - comparision and test drive

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Posted 10 December 2004 - 02:21 PM


    Hot Rod

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Wah, bagus bagus.



Posted 11 December 2004 - 12:19 AM


    White Lightning

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castaway >>I also spent a few months in Geneva. Mmmmm, lucky to have had
such an interesting job, or what!<<

****You think you're in a class of your own?

castaway >>Europe's got a LOT of Fiats and Fords around also, so what?
Some of these cars are a bit of a joke as well,<<

****So now Fiats and Fords are jokes?

castaway >>but the biggest joke of all is the SMART! Who is using
them???."lifestyle" people according to the manufacturer.<<

****Isn't the point here that people ARE using them? A lot of companies
are as well from my experience. (If you'd been lucky enough for your job
to take you to the UK you will have seen that)

castaway >>If your lifestyle happens to be stoopid, so what? Enjoy it,
but I still think it's stoopid!!<<

****The Smart provides a very practical option for some, that doesn't
equate with the term stoopid. Unjustified name calling does.

castaway >>Unfortunately, the concept of this little turd car is somewhat
obsolete now.<<

****But they're selling and better than the Gen2 I bet. Swatch and MB
probably aren't very concerned by your opinions and neither will the
people who buy a Smart.

castaway >>Significantly better concepts and designs in automotive
transport have overtaken the SMART, in economy, fuel efficiency, scale,
safety <<

****Such as?

castaway >>(only 3 star remember, Waja standard!)<<

****So all cars are tested in one category?

castaway >>reliability, and, most significantly...cost!<<

****You have evidence of reliability problems? What do you mean by cost?
Purchase price or overall running cost per mile?

castaway >>If you wanna subscribe to a 10 year old concept (the
fag end of the 80's era)and pay 86K for it, go ahead dude, and be happy<<

****You should drive one, you might be surprised. I take it you're
Malaysian? Better keep quiet given that the 70's Iswara is still the
flagship of your automotive success.


Posted 11 December 2004 - 01:42 AM


    Taxi Driver

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my dad already ordered one unit...shipping will arrive in kl at 11th, i`m
in penang,cars will only arrive around christmas time..can`t wait to kapish
kapish around the town Tongue

wah, 440ci, u really patient le, anyway sometimes what they say may be true
aso le..don`t have to argue le, everyone got their own idea of the
car..some say stew pig, some say clay bar...aiya wadever la, it`s my cash,
my ride, learn to be like the honda motto lo, DO YOU HAVE A SMART? Big Smile we
buy a lil bit of mercs benz at a 1/3 price, no harm le..that`s wat i think
la, besides even if it`s a joke, what about those driving the mpv`s? i
think that one lagi a joke, usually i see ppl running around with only 1
person in the car and they lug around a MPV all day long with strainous
parking...but on the other hand SOME PPL LIKE IT!! So do i, wish to get a
toyo wish one day! Big Smile
so no need argue la, wat car aso is nice, as long as it`s not a juara, can

ya, please contribute your comments `wisely` to this thread, not remarks of
the car being stoopid or wad, be fair with ur comments la bro, don`t just
whack wadever you feel like it as the others wanna read facts, not crap.


Posted 11 December 2004 - 01:54 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Links for more info:



Posted 11 December 2004 - 02:47 AM


    White Lightning

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The mistake some make with respect to the Smart is to think of it as a
toy, it's not. It's a serious car made to be used.


Posted 11 December 2004 - 10:14 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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440ci - ThumbUp

KTypeR84 .... wah, among the first to be seen driving a Smart liao Wink

Do give us a detailed FR as I wud very much like to know more abt the car,
esp it's problem areas (so I can plan remedies when I do buy one)



Posted 11 December 2004 - 12:02 PM



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Hi Ryoga, why is it uncalled for to call anyone stoopid? I bet you do it
all the time, like "stoopid driver overtaking on double white line, stoopid
driver jumping red lights, stoopid driver driving SMART" eh?Smile


Posted 11 December 2004 - 12:27 PM



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Hello 440ci....i'm not in any class, just lucky and hard working I guess
......yes, some of the Cinquecentos, (but at least it had 4 seats), too
many Fords to mention here.
......a lot of people use drugs also, smoke, and consume large quantities
of alcohol, don't make it right though does it?
......you gotta be stoopid to spend so much money on so little, so your
logic on practicality is somewhat flawed, which is why Posh Spice and Becks
fall into the same category also. Nothing "wrong" with being stoopid
though, (unless you phsysically injure someone, including yourself)
......they are definitely selling better than the Juara!(Another "first
world" concept dumped on a 3rd world country). 440ci doesn't sound very
Malaysian....are you a DC agent?
......Fiat Panda, Kia Picanto, Prius. Good value and very practical
propositions for US Malaysians.
......err, 3 star means 25% chance of survival, not category. Waja got same
rating in different category, which means you have as the same chance of
surviving in SMART as in a Waja. Are we clear?
......I mean reliability and most significantly ...cost!
......I have driven not just one but three, different specs, in the UK, and
I was very surprised at how small, cramped, noisy and generally crappy the
car was for relatively a lot of money. You are definitely not Malaysian,
condemning our profitable flagship, so maybe you are a foreigner promoting
this car! Smile


Posted 11 December 2004 - 12:49 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Castaway, I am sure ur a logical person urself, however, ur examples are
not appropriate.

In the first sense, it's natural for anyone to comment if a wrong was
committed against u, or something done that is not ethical, hence those
deserves to be commented.

What u did was to call people stupid over their taste, something against
another person's personal preference.

My decision to buy the Smart may not agree with u, but bear in mind, it's
my decision and has nothing to do with u. By ur own statement, u are
already insulting me by calling me (indirectly or directly) "stoopid" just
becos I dun agree with u.

C da picture?

BTW, I juz got some feedback from some of my koliks who had been to Europe
this year and last. Smart is a popular brand there ler. If u wanna say
otherwise, pls show us ur source.


Posted 13 December 2004 - 11:02 AM


    Taxi Driver

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yup yup ryoga, no problem..hope to get my hands on the car asap..anywayz,
no matter how poor the receiving of the brand aso won't be that bad
la...not to mar our own beloved proton, but they aso kana teruk wad at
other countries...have u seen a proton? ha? wad's that? and yet the CEO of
proton says their waja can be sold at any price they want..crap la...

castaway, not we stoopid, just that we curious about this car, its
something new and its not everyday we get cars like this, even though its
priced at a ridiculous price, but there are ppl whom still buy it, when the
vios and city were priced at 80k plus, aso got ppl say the buyers
stupid..i'm one of them and anytime we will choose a smaller car over a
proton waja which is so much bigger, coz already had enuf of headaches from
proton, the smart is something new and for many 80k is out of reach, yet
there are some whom will buy it, as the saying for typical malaysians go,
belum cuba belum tahu ma...and i think if u say it's noisy and harsh, come
on, understandable, ur a sharing half the space of the car with the engine
and what more the short wheelbase...as long as it moves, i mean we can't
afford supercars like all those sporty cars, so this is the second type of
vehicle that we can 'afford' to drive around to attract attention..besides,
its good aso, compared to a super car or sports car, i think smart car not
many will wanna steal it also la...so at least ur driving ur 80k car with
and it won't be missing when u come out from a shopping complex? Tongue