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Petrol Consumption for 2.0i ZX

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Posted 16 July 2003 - 02:26 PM


    Road Warrior

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>>> yes, at very high revs ie 5000plus rpm if you notice black smoke, its
running too rich. It should be somewhat greyish. Get a elite test done fr
Ah Keong @ 20rm to trim down yr fueling according to spec. Pakri does not
have the elite tester.



Posted 16 July 2003 - 02:59 PM



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Thanks Puginfo for the very quick reply,

Glad to have a 'tight' support group for citroen related matter.....



Posted 17 July 2003 - 05:56 PM



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please bear in mind that you cannot compare the fuel consumption of you
2.0I ZX to your satria 1.3.This is a far cry.Even japanese 2 lit cars
will give you about 48450 t0 480km only.Again it all depend on the
driving condition...if you fill up full and sit in a jam.......apa macam

Even a proton auto 1.5 will be about 500 km I suppose.

RM 80 can run about 600km.Mu Peugeot 406 auto for RM 80 can go 700km.

Enjoy your 2 lit car,Since you still new to the 2 lit class it will take
sometime before you acceppt the fact.Big SmileTongue



Posted 18 July 2003 - 10:46 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Hi Black,

Now old already, no more energy to rev with others liao ...hehehe ..

Anyway, I meant the tail (back) & mid boxes. Somehow I feel the orignal
tail box really disturb the ZX performance .. the design is to "silent" the
ZX .. so you can imagine how many metal block within the box to ...

I remembered long time ago I custom-made a 2' straight flow tail box, with
material from big car like Merz & BMW ... really, the power was awesome &
that is what I call the real ZX horse !! But, the problem was too noisy,
the bloody 8v ZX has the size of 50cen valve ... even though with the 2'
box can't really help much ....

As I prefer silent (like orignal) but more power (very contradict
situation!), eventually I replaced it with another "Y" tail & 1.5' mid box
to compromise it .... but I still love that straight-through power feeling
lah ....

OK, now Elite machine. Yes, last time only Directional & it's authorised
service centre has the machine, and it was very expensive. But now it is
quite easy for those Cit sifu to either buy a new one or 2nd from those
ex-authorised service centre. If I'm not mistaken, last time I heard it
will cost around RM10k each .... now may be less ...

I remembered I complaint (& also pursue) ah-keong (013-3402900) for many
years eventually he bought 1 sometime last year. Actually, you don't
really have to tune the car so often as compare to other Jap cars. Unless
you change certain major parts, otherwise there is no need for consistent

Better get ah-keong to tune & check why your horse cough black !! ;)
Anyway, hope to see your horse in ah-keong's place 1 day ....

Cheers !


Posted 19 July 2003 - 11:13 AM


    Road Warrior

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>>> old habits do die hard! so how do we have the power of a straight flow
and the soothing silence of the S flow, all at one go? posibble. Ever got
to notice at the double exhaust pipe tip of the BMW 328? One is always
closed and opened on a need to basis. That's BMW's way of mimic'ing the
btcc's dual exhaust system. Back to our local scene, ideally you can
fabricate and install both the dual and s-flow pipes and put a swinging
valve (Y joint)right after the mid box. This valve should then made to
swing at a certain rev which must be optimized.

very possible.