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I made a wrong choice ?

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Posted 22 September 2004 - 09:44 AM



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Perdana 2.0 auto (non-V6) will be at least 4-5 yrs old now and is not that
great a car - after 3-4 years Proton interior really suffers - creaks and
rattles. I know cos I have one. Safety-wise, is quite crap as well, no
airbags, no ABS (only V6 onwards), poor handling, flimsy bumpers. In
short, if safety is concern, only the Gen2 and Waja match up, albeit
marginally - still no airbags as standard *sigh*.

Koreans are good IF you get them new. I have considered Koreans before but
after 1-2 yrs, similar problems with build quality - especially the Kia
Sephias and Hyundai Coupes. The new Hyundai Matrix, Getz and Elantra is v
good tho but parts are more expensive compared to Protons but you get
airbags, ABS.

I agree that you shd put Vios and City on your list - take into
consideration that these cars age very well and also hold up their resale
value very well.

Take a 7yr loan - have your son take over the payments as soon as he gets
out of college to teach him to maintain the car well. Maintenance costs
(petrol, tyres and regular service) shd be out of his own pocket money -
that sure prevented me from long midnight lepak drives and drag racing when
I was in college :-)


Posted 22 September 2004 - 09:51 AM


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Get the one which come with Airbag and ABS. Better is big and no power
just for younger. Maybe he'll drive slow at start but after he kawan with
some hantu. he MAY drive fast.


Posted 22 September 2004 - 10:12 AM


    Hot Rod

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yeah... no car is safer than the right driving attitude...

uncle cheah, you are right , A/T cars is generally safer as you can
concentrate on the steering wheel insteed of the gear knob and clutch.

By the way, how old is your son? For college.. i think at the most 18. New
driver? I have never dreamed to have a car even my dad can afford it when
i was 18.. Well... the statistic is, taking a bus is safer than driving a

Anyway, it's up to personal preference right. If you really want to get a
car, strictly from your list... a second-hand Elantra 1.6 A/T is my
choice. Actually Hyundai Accent is not bad... and not fast enough... would


Posted 22 September 2004 - 11:26 AM



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Mr. Cheah,
From your comments, I gather that you are more concerned with safety for
your son.However, only you will know your son's character, e.g. introvert
or extrovert?.College is another phase in life, full of experiences.Will
he be prone to racing the streets? and modifying whatever car you
have "given" him??That has happened to some of them, with the help of the
supplementary credit card.Some of the forumners have given you some good
opinions and feedback about their college days.
Its a good time for them to learn some financial responsibilities by
learning and sharing the upkeep and maintainence of the car you choose
for them.I was using an old motorcycle in my uni days.Paying for the
upkeep myself.
Me..I have already booked their uncle's beat up Pajero for the kids to use
when they get their license and going to college.They can buy whatever car
they like when they earn their own way.


Posted 22 September 2004 - 02:03 PM


    Road Warrior

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yes, i'm a uni student, i have my own car, yes i bought the car with my
hard earn money... yet i'm a first year IS engineering student.

ok... i own a hyundai getz 1.3A.
i work in Singapore for few years, then this is my first car... i drive to
college everyday...

well for the lepaking or staying late midnight, i don't think it is point
to every college/uni student, because i'm not the one who lepaking at out
side, of course it is a lot of the student used to be like that, it is a
phenomena that can't be avoid. i can tell u that i never been to Disco, do
u believe me?

well, what i can say is , nowadays car is not consider as luxury items,
but somehow it is nessasery to our daily live, let's say the uncle's son
study in UM, and they live in klang or sunway, then car become the tool to
fetch the ppl to go there. of course u might say that uni/college student
can go to campus by motorbike, but guys, do r really think that ride a
motorbike is safe? you yourself are driving a car, everytime just say that
cannot see the blind spot and bang into motorbike, i just can say that, it
is not safe to using bike, of course when u have the ability to own a car,
will u ride a motorbike?

since the uncle affort to buy a car for his son, what i can say that it is
good lah... the son must be the one understanding the car is a gift to him
for convenient used....

ok cut it short... for fork out 70k to buy a car... it is really got a lot
to choose. for safety i recommended u choose Hyundai Getz 1.6A, come with
ABS, and Single Airbag, the body chaasis passed the NCAP test with 4 star
rating. the built body is solid and the style of the car is not bad too.
since the FC is not concern so, the figure RM50-400km is consider ok to

since the hyundai getz will be increasing price more then 6-8k... then the
price could be more then RM80k next year, if u buy now with the price of
RM70k, then after 5 years, it won't burn the pocket much, u may check with
the second hand dealer with the price of hyundai cars nowadays, u will
surprisingly found that the hyundai cars have a good re-sell value, of
course toyota and honda is well known in theirs re-sell value, but i just
want to remind that, if u calculate the re-sell value base in percentage,
hyundai maybe only lest than toyota & honda 5-10%.

for 70K, perdana V6 already can be under consideration, if your family
already have several saloon car, why not choose mini MPV for use, it can
be your leisure car too. For you information INOKOM MATIRX is only RM73k
OTR, 1.6 single air bag and ABS, the zone body is really huge and the NVH
is above average.

anyway, make your judgement call...
and correct me if i was wrong...
cheer, happy shopping..



Posted 22 September 2004 - 02:10 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Thank you all for your suggestions and comments.
I have never considered Vios initially because it is in the RM80K region
and for a new car to be parked in all sorts of available spaces very
sakit hati. On top of that there are hardly any secondhand Vios

By the way I did a check on the crash report overseas and apparently the
1.6 Getz has a better rating that Elantra in frontal collision. For
Elantra, the injury originates at the footwell. For 1.6 Getz, I
understand in a frontal accident, the whole engine collapses and drops to
the ground.


Posted 22 September 2004 - 04:17 PM


    Hot Rod

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Uncle tcheah,
well, seems like you have got what you want... good luck nunting! Smile

haha!! I own a car but i still ride to work.


Posted 22 September 2004 - 05:01 PM


    Road Warrior

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uncle drexchan, u have to take care when ride ya...
cos everyday i drive in the KL city, some of the driver, expecially who
driving bigger car, will try to bully small cars or maybe motorist... no
offence to beemer and merz...sigh...

of course motobike is more convenient, in the super heavy jam KL city...
anyway, berhati-hati dijalan raya, remember your loved one... Smile


Posted 22 September 2004 - 07:23 PM


    White Lightning

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I suggest that you either ask your son to take bus or buy a cheap 2nd
hand car even if you are rich. This is good education for your son. A lot
of graduates have to struggle to even buy a Kancil. When good things
don't come easily, they learn to appreciate them. It is almost like
buying a calculator for a Std 1 student. It is not "progress". That child
will never learn how to count.


Posted 23 September 2004 - 01:57 AM


    Hot Rod

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now a days youngsters seem to get more than they deserved in 'hardwares'
but lack in 'software'...

no offence uncle tcheah, we know that you love your son. It's just that
there are several ways of showing you love.. just my 2 cents..