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I made a wrong choice ?

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Posted 30 October 2004 - 02:06 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Mr. Cheah,

First I would like to say you are such a Great Dad
to buy a car for your son !

I would recommend a Hyundai Accent
VFM (Value for Money)
It is economical, reliable, safety features and price wise $$$

The Extra $$ save can be used for his studies or
for your ownself/Family.

Other points to consider

Will he be using it for long ?
College is 1 - 2 year study before going overseas ?
Doing a 3 + 0 program. Will he use it for work after that ?
Frequency of usage. Just college and back ?
Will other family members share it ?
The cars you listed. Skip the sporty ones because you don't
want kids driving fast and with a sporty car they tend to
do that.
An economical in terms of FC as you know prices of gasoline is
going up, low FC saves $$$ (unless $$ is not an option) (just being
Low maintenance cost saves $$

Just my 3 cents.


Posted 01 November 2004 - 03:56 PM


    Vanishing Point

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unker cheah,

wah... your son dem good life man...

his car will be more expensive than people who has worked for more than 10
years Big Smile

btw... my fren's Hyundai Coupe was involved in a very bad accident before

and I can tell you... dun play play with Hyundai... the car is blardi solid

my fren had a bed dent but the other car... a wira... had to be towed away
while my fren can still speed to the workshop