Chevron Malaysia Plans To Establish 15 Havoline bikePro Workshops By 2023

Chevron Malaysia Plans To Establish 15 Havoline bikePro Workshops By 2023

L-R: Kong Kin Lay, Managing Director, Galaxy Starlube Sdn Bhd; Cham Sek, Owner & Director, MH Jaya Motor Trading; Khoo Huan Teong, Manager of B2B Fuels & Lubricants, Chevron Malaysia Limited.

Chevron Malaysia Limited has just launched its first Havoline bikePro workshop to offer motorcyclists a convenient place for their bikes to be serviced by trained technicians. The MH Jaya Motor Trading workshop in Jalan Balakong, near the Batu 11 Cheras MRT station, is the first of an upcoming network. Chevron aims to open up to 15 Havoline bikePro workshops nationwide by the end of 2023.

Khoo Huan Teong, Manager of B2B Fuels & Lubricants of Chevron Malaysia Limited said, “through our research we found that there is a behavioural change amongst motorcyclists who are increasingly inclined to seek servicing experiences that account for all their worries. The owners who take a hands-on approach are becoming a small minority as many seek convenience and expertise in keeping their motorcycles in shape. But aside from just benefiting customers, this programme essentially provides the opportunity for our existing workshops to upskill and better service the motorcycles of Malaysia”. Even if “Chevron” doesn’t sound familiar, there is a chance you might know about its Caltex brand, which Havoline lubricants is a part of.

Motorcycle_Exhaust_Engine_WheelThe Havoline bikePro workshop programme involves a comprehensive business development programme and also equips workshop employees with proper training. The aim of this programme is to give bike owners peace-of-mind in terms of servicing. A network of workshops would also provide customers with additional convenience as well as confidence in expecting a similar standard of service quality.

“With customers being at the very crux of what we do, it was apparent to us that we need to adapt to the changing behaviour and provide a service that not only complements our range of quality products but answers the question of convenience that many motorcyclists are yearning for,” added Teong.


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