Chery To Use New Research Institute To Develop New Energy And Intelligent...

Chery To Use New Research Institute To Develop New Energy And Intelligent Vehicles

Recently, the Chery Group officially lauched the Anhui New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry Research Institute in its home province as a strategic step forward for Chery to strengthen its technological development and innovation on a new generation of vehicles. From years of continuous hard work on fossil-fuelled vehicles, Chery will be making use of this new research lab to expedite its foray into new energies, intelligent connections, shared transit platforms and ecologies.

Chery_AntBased on the China (Anhui) New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Technology Development and Public Service Platform, the research institute will help drive technological breakthroughs in new energy vehicles as well as intelligent connected vehicles. The facility is made up of an automotive research institute and an industrial incubation centre. It will also assume such functions as platform and powertrain development, and house the Chery STELLAR Laboratory and proving grounds for self-driving vehicles, amongst others.

The Chery Group will be putting more focus on the development of new energy and intelligent connection. Chery is dedicating itself to the development of an intelligent electric platform, a high-performance platform and a hybrid-electric platform. It will also be involved in the further development of battery, motor and electric control systems and its related software, including in charging / swapping battery technologies as well as over-the-air (OTA) technology and big data architecture.

Chery_OMODA 5_SUVChery currently has 6 major research and development centres located in North America, Europe and Shanghai. More than 14,000 of over 23,000 patent applications submitted by the company have been granted, including nearly a third of the innovation patents. Furthermore, Chery has topped the China (Anhui) Top 100 invention patent rankings for 8 consecutive years and has undertaken over 170 programmes including the National Key Technology R&D Programme and National Basic Research Programme.

Chery’s resurgence in Malaysia will be starting with the OMODA 5 SUV.


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