SOCAR and TREVO Malaysia Partner Teman Malaysia To Provide Mobility To Senior...

SOCAR and TREVO Malaysia Partner Teman Malaysia To Provide Mobility To Senior Citizens

SOCAR_MalaysiaSOCAR Mobility Asia, via its brands SOCAR and TREVO, is working with Teman Malaysia to aid senior citizens with mobility. With this collaboration, SOCAR, the car sharing platform will offer its services to help Teman Malaysia with getting the elderly to their medical appointments / vaccination. Teman Malaysia is a startup that provides care companion services for the elderly and vulnerable through its Temanions (teman + companion). Temanions are caring Malaysians who provide quality companionship for the elderly and vulnerable members of society, assisting them to complete their daily activities.

Leon Foong_SOCAR Malaysia_CEO“At SOCAR Mobility Asia, we believe that Malaysians can achieve more together, as reflected in our “Malaysia Can Overcome” campaign aimed at providing safe and affordable mobility to the Rakyat. In this spirit, we are not only committed to providing flexible mobility options to help Malaysians improve daily life, but are also collaborating with other businesses and organisations to serve existing needs in the community. We are excited to team up with Teman Malaysia as their transportation partner, as their work is invaluable in helping elderly and vulnerable members of the community achieve greater freedom of movement in their daily life. Through this partnership, they will be able to reach their destination safely in a private and sanitised drive, with our SOCAR and TREVO vehicles. In tough times, it is important for everyone to contribute our individual strengths to help our fellow Malaysians. Together, we can overcome,” said Leon Foong, Group CEO of SOCAR Mobility Asia.

With a high number of COVID-19 cases in Selangor and KL, and increasing numbers in other states, it is even more crucial to get the elderly and those with comorbidity or disability vaccinated to reduce the hospitalisation rate. This is where the collaboration between SOCAR Mobility Asia and Teman Malaysia can help those with mobility or transportation issues.

“Empowering the elderly and vulnerable through our Temanions by providing emotional support and assistance for their daily living has been an important motivator for us at Teman Malaysia. For the past two months, with the extension of the MCO and travel restrictions, many children are unable to assist their elderly parents who are living alone and in another state, including accompanying them for their vaccination appointments. This is where our team of 94 Temanions can make a difference through our services. Through this partnership with SOCAR Mobility Asia, we can now offer expanded mobility options to complement our services – ultimately further empowering the elderly and vulnerable members of the community,” added Ezzati Nasir, CEO of Teman Malaysia.

The partnership between SOCAR Mobility Asia and Teman Malaysia will enable Temanions to use special vouchers offering 50% off SOCAR bookings capped at RM50, and 60% off TREVO bookings, capped at RM250, creating savings which will then be passed on to Teman Malaysia’s clients.

TREVO_Car Sharing - CopyFrom the start of August 2021, Temanions can make a booking on SOCAR from as low as RM4.45 per hour for use of a Perodua Axia, by applying the voucher code. They can also get 60% off bookings on TREVO for a minimum 3-day booking. SOCAR and TREVO bookings can be made in the Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bharu, Kota Kinabalu and Melaka while Teman Malaysia services are available in the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Kota Tinggi, Penang and Seremban. Assistance for Covid-19 appointments start at RM70 for 2 hours.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a booking for Teman Malaysia’s services through their website:
  2. Request the assigned Temanion to book a SOCAR or TREVO vehicle for use during the assigned tasks, according to the duration of the services.
  3. The Temanion will be able to apply their assigned promo code provided by SOCAR Mobility Asia to Teman Malaysia, to get the 50% discount for SOCAR and 60% discount for TREVO. The discount will be reflected in the final bill to the client, which itemises transportation costs.
  4. The client can enjoy a safe and sanitised private drive with the Temanion.

Foong is also inviting the public to reach out if they need assistance in areas where SOCAR and TREVO can lend a hand, by contacting SOCAR and TREVO on Facebook.

For more information, visit SOCAR (, TREVO ( or Teman Malaysia (


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