Extreme Response from Buyers to new Ford

Extreme Response from Buyers to new Ford

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There is some uncertainty about vehicle sales in 2002 and while analysts are upbeat, there are those in the industry who feel less optimistic and even the Malaysian Automotive Association is forecasting a modest increase in volume over 2001 numbers.

Nevertheless, early indications for 2002 suggest that things could still be bright as evident by a statement from Ford Malaysia that the first batch of its Ranger Extreme model launched last month was sold out in 10 days.

“We expected a good response but were quite amazed that the 240 units were snapped up within two weeks,” remarked Deborah Aronson, Managing Director of Ford Malaysia. She attributed the strong appeal of the new version of the Ranger to the fact that has been designed to meet “what we felt was an unfulfilled need”.

“It’s a truly Ford Malaysia creation – driven by local customer research and developed by a local team,” she stressed.

Added Marketing Manager T.H. Chong: “When we had the ‘Extreme Roadshow’, we noted a lot of casual interest in the new model but it did pleasantly surprise us just how many of those people actually bought the Extreme. This overwhelming response would prove that Ford Malaysia understands the needs of our customers and is giving them what they want.”

Meanwhile, the Extreme event being run by Hitz.fm at Sg. Wang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur continues into its third day. Two men and two women are still ‘residing’ in an Extreme all day long – apart from 15 minutes outside every three hours – and they only get to brush their teeth and change their clothes every two days… but no bathing at any time!

It’s hard to tell when this event will end since all it takes is a willingness to sit and do nothing all day (great for those who don’t have a life…) and the one who outlasts the other three gets to own the Extreme, smells and all.


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