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May 2011 Group Buy Engine Oil & Atf Oil

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Posted 22 April 2011 - 11:15 PM


    White Lightning

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Order & Payment Deadline - 01 May 2011
Order Collection - 07 May Group Lunch 2011

Package 1 - RM280.00
i. Engine Oil Titan HPE Ultra 15W40 - 18 litre pack (sufficient for 2 change interval)
ii. Bosh Oil Filter - 2X (sufficient for 2 change interval)
Recommended Change Interval - 5,000km ~ 10,000km depending on driving condition.

Super High Performance Diesel Engine Oil for the most demanding requirement.

TITAN HPE ULTRA 15W40 is a long-life all season SHPD universal engine oil for high performance engines requiring the latest API performance in combination with top-tier ACEA specifications.

â��‚�š API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/SL
â��‚�š ACEA E5/E3/B4/A2
â��‚�š GLOBAL DHD-1
â��‚�š MB 228.3/229.1
â��‚�š MAN 3275
â��‚�š VOLVO VDS-3
â��‚�š CUMMINS 20078
â��‚�š Mack EO-M+
â��‚�š MTU Oil Category 2
â��‚�š RVI RLD
â��‚�š CAT ECF-1

��‚š· Long-life SHPD oil has ample reserves to cope with extended oil change intervals.
��‚š· Enhanced anti-wear characteristics.
��‚š· Provides effective protection against piston ring wear, rust and bearing corrosion.
��‚š· Optimised cold start and fast warm-up.
��‚š· Good oxidation resistance and reduced varnish, lacquer, sludge and carbon deposit formation even in severe service operation.
��‚š· High lubrication oil film strength protects heavily loaded valve train gears.
��‚š· Protect against bore polishing, scuffing and minimizes cylinder liner wear.
��‚š· Excellent dispersancy retains soot and harmful oxidized products in suspension, aids filterability.
��‚š· Good reserve alkalinity retention effectively neutralizes harmful acidic combustion contaminants and prevents premature wear in pro-longed oil service interval.
��‚š· Good viscosity-temperature behaviour due to stay in grade characteristics even in very severe conditions.

��‚š· TITAN HPE ULTRA 15W40 is recommended for major US, European and Japanese diesel engines such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel Allison, Volvo, MAN B&W, MTU, Duetz, W��€™¤rtsil��€™¤, MB, Komatsu, Hino and others.
��‚š· Developed for highly stressed normally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines with exhaust gas recirculation (ERG) system.
��‚š· Ideal all-season oil for mixed fleets, construction and earth moving equipment, marine ferries and industrial equipment with diesel engines.
��‚š· Can be used in gasoline engines requiring API SL engine oils.

Package 2 - RM550.00
ATF Oil FUCHS Titan 3353 (as specified in spec) - 1 litre bottle X 9 bottle = 9 litre for full flushing or 2 drain off.
Malee Germany ATF Filter with Gasket - 1pcs
Recommended change interval - 60,000 km.

Order List
1. BK4t9 - 4 Bosh Oil Filter - $96 - Paid $96

Total Order = $96
Payment Paid =

Anyone who interested, please indicate the package ordered and payment instruction will be sent via PM.