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Race Against The Machine! Best Photo Wins an Ipod and Prizes Worth RM7000 - Organized By AutoDetailer

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Posted 12 December 2010 - 06:02 PM



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AutoDetailer is having a “Race Against The Machine Sepang 2010″ photography contest in conjunction with today’s Zerotohundred Time To Attack.

Darren:"This is a photo community effort to cultivate more photographers in the area of automotive photography & motorsports. I believe with some grassroots motivation and guidance we can have ourselves a stellar field of photographers in the arena. The contest is a pro-bono effort and is non-profit. There are no entry fees and all levels of photographic talents are invited. We have managed to source sponsorship prizes from an iPod Touch, Crumpler bags, Manfrotto monopods and many more to a value of over RM7,000. "

The contest will have 8 main categories, namely:
1. Best Panning Shot
2. Best Action Shot
3. Best Behind-The-Scenes Pit Shot
4. Best Artistic Automotive Shot
5. Best Photoshop®-processed image
6. Best Lighting Shot
7. Best Creative Shot from a Mobile Phone
8. Best Overall Image that captures the TTA Series 2010 (to be used for next year's TTA Series)

This will be a contest judged on photographic quality & technical knowledge so we won't be allowing butt shots and other time wasters.

Location: Time To Attack Sepang: Finale 2010
Time: 8am to 6pm
Equipment: All digital photographic devices i.e. SLR's, EVIL's, Prosumer, Digicams, Handphones & Mobile Devices.
Details: AutoDetailer Studio FaceBook page: http://www.facebook....148771698484106

Contest Mechanics:
1. Visit the AutoDetailer Studio FaceBook page.
2. "Like" it to participate and receive updates.
3. Read the instructions and rules provided.
4. Images are to be emailed with the relevant information.
5. Judges will select 12 best photos for each category
6. Images will be displayed on FaceBook for you and your friends to vote.
7. Highest number of "Likes" win

It's that easy!

You can enter all categories simultaneously but are limited to a maximum of one entry per category.