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Abuse Of Power By Peugeot Section Moderator

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Posted 03 July 2009 - 05:54 PM


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QUOTE (cfa @ Jul 3 2009, 03:45 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Andy, don't get me wrong. I am not questioning your discretion to close the previous topic nor to get your moderator status revoked. However FEM has stated that he has been "banned" from posting at the Pug forum and in my opinion, FEM has not breached the cardinal rules to justify him being "banned" end hence perhaps higher "intervention" is required.

I suppose a truce should be called by 2 long time members of Autoworld. FEM as suggested, why don't you compile a list of members contact and demands before writing officially to Nasim.

No problem, I never banned him. I PMed him instead of giving him warning for starting a thread which I find is personal attack against the mod (me) for closing his thread. The new thread was deleted as I find it personal against me and I do not wish others to read and then cause even more havoc, to me or him.

QUOTE (FEMLab @ Jul 3 2009, 03:00 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
1) You consider youself kind and not give warning (warning for what basis..disagree with you??)
2) Saying both me and Lee absurd and childish (getting personal are we??l)
3) Not to "runt" (i.e. post) in Pug main section anymore (veto-like statement and not making Autoworld free to voice our concern??).

Thanks for the explaination bro, I may seem silly in your eye.. but you too need to see yourself in the mirror..you may have done a lot of good thing for PUG section, but that doesnt give you a right to ridicule my idea in the PUG section..and again get personal by sending above PM..duuuudeeee.

BTW..I didnt start this tread to discuss about my original post..but issue at hand is how you behave as moderator!! Abit misusing the privilage I would say

To make things short:

1. WHY I PM YOU? You actually think it was disagreement?
It was because you post a new thread which for me, I "personally" find it, a personal attack to me with wild claims, and what I see is it will starting something ugly and cause havoc to both me and you. Thus, I took the step to delete instead of locking and then PM you.

I've already told you many times. There's nothing to disagree with? What did you not disagree?
Who agree that Nasim is right for changing spec? No right?
I only remember we explain why they change the spec, but didn't say anything about they are right. You can don't accept or accept, but I PM you before, as a customer, we can don't care the dealer/suppliers problem. We're not in the wrong position. So, did you consider this as disagree?
Who disagree with your petition? I don't actually remember someone disagree; We're merely informing you, as a friend/member, that it most probably will not work, BUT it doesn't not harm trying.
So, I really really REALLY don't understand why is it SUCH a big issue, until KH LEE have to post that we're attacking you just because we tells you some reality/facts, and WE didn't even say don't do it. AM I RIGHT?
Do you understand, you guys made those that reply in good terms (just advising/providing information to you) looks really bad, saying that they're attacking you (so serious).

I did not say don't rant in Pug section, I said please do it in your own club forum. I don't think I need to explain further on this?


Posted 03 July 2009 - 06:24 PM


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Heated arguments are common in public forum and disagreements are bound to happen some point or another.

FEMLab has delivered his apology, Andy has made his peace. I believe this thread can be closed.

Have a good weekend, everyone! smile_approve.gif
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