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price of new volvo s40

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Posted 22 January 2005 - 03:54 PM



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Hi Cap48,
Yes, Life has changed... (unlike the 'golden or silver' era) for the
better or worse?? How can one compare say, in the 70's when one could go
cruising around town in a 2nd hand Made-in-Shanghai bicycle, the only
vehicle your proud father could afford (for you)!

I could remember that I have to toss the coin to make a decision to buy
or not to buy my first car (2nd hand)- with my hard earned savings....
And still I have to convince my board that my personal choice is a
Volvo... And its true!

That's why I feel that today's kids need to understand more....and best
that they have to 'earn their keeps'. Even so, its always easier said
than done! Ha. Just see how the modern parents would come out in support
of their kids. Ask my kid and he says he expect his father to buy him a
Mini Cooper at least when he turns 18!! Yes, I told him its possible to
have the 1:43 scale model shipped from Hong Kong.

Oh, just my thoughts. Happy Holidays.



Posted 23 January 2005 - 05:22 PM



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hey... tat gurl is born wif a volvo, not silver spoon i think... tats for
sure... did she had a bf or need a chaffeur anytime...???