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2 years of V40 ownership

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Posted 04 February 2006 - 05:07 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Here are my early posted on VOCM forum

1. Look for heavy accident impact. There is two 'tulang' chassis
running underneath the car, check it out. Just make sure it looks

2. Most people sell cars without fixing absorbers,( especially the rear
one ) engine mountings( post 2001 model are better as it fitted with
top hydrulic mounts ), ABS. Simply because all these things is not

3. Make sure the smoke is not white.

4. Put V/S40 under rain. Make sure no water leaking.( especially the
cracked door/ tailgate rubber seal & rubber anntena ) ,

5. 2001 V/S40 Interior rubber /plastic knobs ( especially on main light
control knob )surface tend to sticky / milky / scracthes due to our hot
weather ( but this problem can been solved by peel off the outer leyer
PU coat )

1. Check all electrical stuff, signales, side mirrors, powerwindow,
make sure it's working good.

2 Check central lock.

3. V/S40 is coming with a great supporting seating position, dual-split
triangular braking system and audio. Dont lose these three.

1. Expect a good braking distance.

2. Try hit bumps see how it react.

3. Gear should be a little tight.

4. Unstable idling is normal, but if you found a stable one, it's good.

5. Conering at high speed is miserable, fix it with RM100 Waja's
strutbar will help to reduce the understeer or body roll.

Dont be worry too much on scratch, paints, plastics, headlight,
rearlight, brakes. It's all affordable in failure, and always come with

Need to remind you that sudden died engine is very popular among
V/S40, due to Fuel pressure Regulator failure.

Here are some inform /spec.of V/S40

The V/S40 model year 2001 & above as it had more that 1000 items
improvement from those 1998 - 2000 , the major improvement is

- 5 speed auto trasmission
- Cruise Control
- Centre Armrest compartment
- 6 air bags included IC inflatable Curtains
- Full leather upholsetry
- Dual clear headlamp
- 10 CD changer
- Better FC design Engine
- Softer / Rigid design suspension system
- More ergonomically design centre cosole & steeling wheel
- Multi spoke design alloy rim
- Better Noise insulation

The V/S40 are the lower maintenace cost if compare to S60, S80.cost
of schedule service are from rm 4xx - rm 18xx on authorize dealers,
but if by out side ex- volvo workshop normaly will cheaper by half.
But the good side of V/S40 is the parts are cheaper , it almost cost as
national car ( out side volvo parts shop ) ,even it can sharing with
WAJA on mostly on under carriage & brake system as both platform &
chassis is base on Mitsubishi.Carisma.

The FC on this car are also consider low especially on long distance
drive - around 8.2L/100km and town drive will be slightly higher -
around 9.5L/100km

For the different on T4 and 2.0T...i think you already got the inform
from VOCM forum.

Good Luck
richard V40


Posted 05 February 2006 - 12:34 AM


    Taxi Driver

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If u willing to pay the premium price, Serdang Jaya got a tiptop condition
V40..The price is asking @ 118K and the latest offer is 116K..still
consider high to me..But if you got the budget..I wud say this v40 won't
cost you much repair as I believe, after checking thru the test drive
session wif wookies..Again the price is still at higher side..


Posted 05 February 2006 - 02:43 AM



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I actually like the car at Serdang. But price too steep. Let's wait, if v
cant find our T5, can reconsider....hehehe....:p


Posted 05 February 2006 - 09:36 AM


    Taxi Driver

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bro wookies..u couldn't sleep thinking of T5 ke..haha..lets' check out the
Sri Petaling one..


Posted 06 February 2006 - 11:35 AM


    Fast & Furious

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So now looking for T5 pula....850? V70? or S60?.....or V50?


Posted 06 February 2006 - 04:26 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Gong hEI fAT cHOY Bro Richard!

Actually I'm still waiting for the v40 guy to call me as I beliv the v40
that we tested is the best choice for me, coz i can afford to pay for the
instalment but not to spend to much money to refurbish an 2nd hand car
required more refurbish work..as too many commitment i have now..Thus, hv
to be patient...Also asking FA SA help to source for the 30/04 model..

T5..yaya my dream especially the new V50! Have been seaching around wif
wookies for 855 and v70..very tempting actually..the 855 big square box
but with good driving pleasure..the power voommmmmm...interesting..but as
mentioned, dun expect to spend big money to refurbish the car..thus V70
might be better to me..If we could find a tiptop condition v70 without
much repair..then wud be in my list bro...Hopefully, i could be a real
VOCM member soon, rather than a "fake" member with too many comments on
the posting...:-)