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Triple RFID Protection for Cars

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Posted 18 January 2005 - 11:28 AM


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Just wanna share with you about new technology in car security.

Triple RFID Protection for Cars

A new car immobilizer system uses three RFID readers to make it tougher
for thieves to drive off with your automobile.

By Claire Swedberg

Jan. 3, 2005To decrease the chances of automotive theft, a new
automobile immobilizer system uses three radio frequency identification
(RFID) readers to make it three-times harder for prospective thieves to
start a car's engine. Released in December by Northland Auto Enterprises,
Burnsville, Minn., the new system, named TheftStopper1, is being sold as
an aftermarket device installed by car dealerships or independent auto

RFID security systems installed in new vehicles by car manufacturers have
succeeded in reducing car thefts, according to statistics gathered by
immobilizer manufacturers. These RFID security systems work by fitting a
car's ignition key with a passive RFID transponder containing a unique ID
code. Whenever the key is inserted into the ignition switch, it activates
an RFID reader connected to a control module in the engine's central
computer (which controls such things as the car's ignition and fuel
systems) and is wired to an antenna built into the vehicle's steering
column. The RFID reader generates a random number, which is transmitted
to the key. The key's transponder combines the random number with its own
unique serial number, encrypts the new number and transmits it back to
the car's RFID reader. If the numbers don't match, the car won't start.

Allen Lentsch
Thieves, however, have found several ways around those systems, according
to Dan Beach, director of new product development for C-Chip
Technologies, a Montreal security systems provider that developed
TheftStopper1. Some experienced thieves can locate the RFID unit,
override it and drive away with the vehicle in a matter of minutes.
Thieves can use a simple resistor to bypass some RFID security systems,
while most factory-installed RFID immobilizers require the use of a
module, in order to "talk" to the onboard computer, Beach says.

Instead of using a passive RFID tag embedded in the ignition key, the
TheftStopper1 system uses a key fob containing an active RFID transponder
that transmits a signal containing a unique ID code over a distance of up
to 20 feet. The key fob is comprised of a miniature OEM transmitter
module powered by a small lithium button battery.

TheftStopper1's three RFID readers each have a nanowatt microcontroller
and relay. One of the RFID readers serves as the starter cutoff,
or "mother," unit. The mother unit controls the power to the two other
control units installed elsewhere in the car. Each of the other two units
functions as a power switch to a different part of the car, such as the
fuel pump, ignition circuit, computer or transmission relay.

When equipped with TheftStopper1, a car won't start unless all three
control units receive a signal from a key fob containing the correct ID
code. Because the key fob's active transponder can transmit its signal
over a distance of 20 feet, the mother unit communicates with the key
fob, well before the driver even starts the vehicle, and verifies that
the key fob's ID code matches the one programmed in the mother unit. When
the driver turns the ignition switch, a second connection is made between
the mother unit and the two other units and the engine starts. Without
the key fob's transponder, none of the three cut-off switches will allow
electric current to flow to their respective devices (the car's fuel
pump, ignition circuit, computer or transmission relay).

For that reason, a thief who manages to hotwire one cut-off switch and
thereby override it, will still not be able to start the car. That's
because the two other units will still lock down the engine without a
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duplicate or reprograme immobilizer.

Their office is at Damansara Utama..
R3ave the above can advise about its advantages/disadvantages?

Are you able to receive the signal within shopping malls?

Thanksg.9cC$ l%#%sOldUserID9V9# %`%"sMessageerday o(9PO(hO!(h mpv u prefert: !8PPy`other extreme is people driving on the right lane at slow speed with
hazard lights on during raining.!\nyy5yp7145132', '10919', 'HONK TWICE WHEN U SEE THIS CAR!', '1', 'promoking', '8aaa8a8b2ecdefcebb25f68713bd3a97 iyyHsilver, i prefer black, cause its cool, blue also quite nice, sharp
colour, hope to get my city asap'coy''PS3 o the sales promoter when i was at jusco mid valley. He said he can
arrange a demo. They have a sample model. you could check it out at jusco
or you could call him at 012-6358205 (eddy) for more info.

Personally what impresses me is the trasmitter alarm and the ability to
sense pressure/vibration. But then again my concern is the heat that a car
collects during a hot sunny day may damage the device, pressure may also
build up and trigger a false alarm. I guess you could also ask him about
signal reception within shopping mall parking.

despite all of the above i am seriously considering buying one soon. eI$R3y`here any others scooter also being curi their battery? or others
motor face with the problem?$R3(yPPy(4510477', '68762', 'modenas kriss 110 manual clutch', '1', 'pdcott', 'dd727c82c38d3e2a3525b922b44aa370', 'ych63y)nza...its unethical..

if me, i will never do it...because i dont want people to do it on my car.

@y|,DClosedorIPn my st7y@could always drop by at any Traffic Police Station and have a check
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++ Yes please. email me that pics.

@yyЏal dia tak siarkan jer kat rancangan TV..
aku malas sikit dlm bab baca2 menbaca majalah ni...6670yy29758131', '12292', 'Best fuel for Honda City Vtec', '0', 'machzero', '23d8e02208f750f64a16fa574b47e779', 'yy60160263', '10893', 'Gua Musang - Jeli, route 66', '0', 'cygnus', '1765976479fdc0ffdb389fdd5f8ab6af', '7643PyHceived your mail already...thanks for the reply...\n\ni contact the authorized dealer already. He asked me go back to \naccessories shop and counter check first. If cannot, they got sell the \ntransponder key.ey9⺷z 200awRatingR3ȍ(xyPhx whitenite,
oic.one more thing no need to pay rm10 to see yr shot.pay if u want to
take home yr shot.'yy
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also drive like speed demons...16'yy,ed....\"Smile\"..(yxEHEp(7678(@X(246063 hyX=n la kau sub, aku baca 2kali br faham ridle ko nih!!! lahanat boost on
la beng! ;p blur blurr... Pyy@mania,,

hahahahah bukan ko ade 3 ker?? kat opis ko ade


Posted 18 January 2005 - 06:46 PM


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Wow, sounds good to me.