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To scratch or not to scratch

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Posted 02 April 2005 - 07:09 PM


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The person who scratched your car not likely to be the BMW owner - it
would be bloody stupid for him to do so whilst parked next to your car,
lest he wants a respray or panel beating on his presumably more expensive
car. It could just be an arsehole bystander who thought you were a
selfish driver (no offense, it pains me when I'm in a crowded parking
zone searching high and low for a parking lot and then I see some
inconsiderate arsehole selfishly occupying two lots) or some arsehole
vandal who targets cars at random when he has a coin or car keys on hand.
Vandalism may occur if you were unaware someone was already eyeing your
parking lot on the next block, was about to drive in and then you went in
first. There's an arsehole living within my condo compound who'd let air
out of one of my tyres (when I'm rushing to work) for no apparent reason,
so I know how it feels like to be a victim. I won't be sympathetic to any
vandal if I caught him red handed.