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Needed advices

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Posted 18 December 2004 - 01:24 AM


    Hot Rod

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I need some information regarding Viper Alarm System.. Anyone could have
more informations about it?? It isbecause I been trying to search through
the web.. it seem not helping much...

Anyway, anyone could have some suggestions that an alarm system will
alerted me if the alarm system is activated within a radius.... ?? Thanks


Posted 25 December 2004 - 03:02 PM



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If you want a moderate expensive one, u can go for Boomerang A2002 around
RM1.7K plus install - 2 ways alarm system come with paging system to LCD
remote. Or you can go for clifford like Clifford AvantGuard 5 this one will
cost you a lilbit expensive.
You r advise to add in these too if u can:

1.Anti-hijack Immo
2.Bonnect lock
3.Something like Locktech too
4.Can add-in security steel plate in all your door
5.Rewire those target area thief short circut your alarm
6.Can addin this Disklock (www.disklok.com) too, something like steering
lock full cover up
with metal thingy rated highly in UK.
7.Perhaps change all your mirror to anti-break glass - donno whether
available for car
8.paid a security guard to look after your car ->if u drive Rolls or Lambor
Big Smile