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Isuzu Bighorn / Trooper 4JG2-TC & 4JX1

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Posted 23 January 2007 - 08:29 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Isuzu Bighorn / Trooper 4JG2-TC(3.1TDI) & 4JX1(3.0TDI)

Sifu-sifu pls give advice of this car...is that rare to get the engine
type for 3.0 coz mostly i can get is 3.1TDI. pls mention the FC of this 2
type engine. wat is the comment of this car? worth to buy? part can find?
part pricing expensive? stable or not? bumpy or not? comfort or not?
mention anything about this car TQ so muchSmile


Posted 23 January 2007 - 10:09 PM


    White Lightning

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Pro for 3.0 4JX1
On paper, a much more powerful and economical engine then the 4JG2-TC.
Probably the very 1st common rail diesel in a 4WD anywhere. Trooper with
this engine are newer so should have wider tread and therefore, more stable.

Con for 3.0 4JX1. From what I read.
1. Probably one of the least reliable diesel engine from Isuzu. Major
injector problem issue that will cost a bomb to repair, assuming you can
find an competent mechanic in the 1st place. Oversea, there has been major
recall for this engine but in Malaysia, you can forget about Isuzu helping
you on this count.
2. EXTREMELY particular about the EXACT type of engine oil to be used.
3. 4JX1 was never officially available in Malaysia so you must be looking
at grey import so you can probably forget about getting injector spares.

The 4JG2 is rumored to be a sized up version of the 4JB1 2.8, one of the
more successful "unbreakable" Isuzu diesel. I had a 4JB1-T and find it to
be extremely economical & reliable. The only problem with 4JB1 is the noise
that you can heard from a mile away but that is partly to do with it
running on timing gear that never need replacing for the life of the
engine. IMO, can beat the crap out of a Toyota or Mitsubishi diesel of the
same age and capacity in reliability and mechanic grape vine rumor seems to
confirm that.

I now have a 4JG2-TC and find it as reliable as the 4JB1-T but definitely
not as fuel efficient, even after taking into consideration the increased
vehicle weight and capacity (3.1 vs 2.8). I believe the main reason is
because the former is now inefficient Indirect Injection whereas the later
is very efficient Direct Injection (again, probably one of the very 1st DI
diesel in an 4WD anywhere). I think Isuzu went technologically backward
with the newer 4JG2 mainly because they wanted to reduce the noise.

Based on educated guess because I have never seen a 4JX1 in real life, I
would advise you to stick to the less powerful & efficient 4JG2-TC and not
touch the problematic 4JX1. My 2 sen.

My 4JG2-TC manual transmission gives about 18 sen/km or 8.8 km/L. Not great.

It is more stable on high speed highway cornering then a Toyota Prado any
day. But Prado has more sedan like comfort, gear change & steering

May have problem with getting parts on the very day but no problem if you
can wait a day or 2 for it to come by Pos Laju.


Posted 24 January 2007 - 01:27 PM


    Taxi Driver

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how is the 3.1tdi do u feel underpower compare with the older trooper 2.8
turbo? pls make comparation between trooper 2.8 & 3.1 in terms of
handling, stable, FC, parts pricing? can list down any 3.1tdi parts that
u remember the pricing? thanks for the info. actually i very like the
style of bighorn more in western style. do u know any web got isuzu forum
or review site? 3.1tdi is that green engine? how the suspension? coil
spring or leaf spring? which one good? i more is comform for family long
distance journey. the FC that u mention 8.8km/l is that driving at
highway or city? my kenari only can get 11.67KM/L or RM0.16/KM mostly
similar with the 3.1tdi in term of money coz petrol expensive than
diesel. thanks for ur info sifu TQBig Smile


Posted 25 January 2007 - 07:23 AM


    White Lightning

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I am talking about the 2.8 Turbo Diesel versions because the non-turbo is a
pig to drive. Both vehicle manual transmissions. 70% town and 30% poor
highway. The code for 2.8 TD is UBS55 and the 3.1TDi is UBS69.

IMO, the UBS69 and UBS55 has very different driving characters. I would say
its Night & Day. To put the example to the extreme, the 3.1 would be like a
slightly underpowered lumbering heavy Mercedes (and the larger non-factory
265 tires I upgraded vs factory 245 make things slightly worst) and the 2.8
is like a nicely powered agile Japanese Honda Civic. So it all depends on
what you wanted and you simply have to drive them differently. Have you
ever seen Mercedes sedan being driven around a street corner like as though
it’s a Go-kart, have you? There is simply no such thing. The upside is that
the Mercedes would be far more comfortable and hugely better NVH.

The 3.1 gives me 23 mpg fairly gentle driving whereas the 2.8 gives me 28
mpg no matter how hard I drive them. The FC of 2.8 simply refuses to go
below 28mpg with a best highway driving of 31mpg.

I think parts availability is the same for both because there are a lot of
government 3.2/3.1 around and that helps. But ALL 4WD parts regardless of
brand are always far more expensive then saloon but 3.1 would be more
expensive. For example, original oil filter would be RM50 before going up
to RM80 now. IMO, Isuzu has far better engine then Toyota but Toyota has
better chassis toughness that's better for off-road.

I believe post 1997 Isuzu came with 3.1 engines and the engine may even be
slightly more powerful then the non-green older version.

UBS69 came with multi-linked rear suspension and torsion bar front. But I
have seen some coming from Brunei with old fashion leaf spring that may be
tougher but definitely less comfortable for the passenger. But I have
carried 500 to 700 kg in my UBS69 on some rare occasion and never have any
problem, even on farm roads. But I did keep my fingers crossed because i
can see the tires being stressed.

Based on your need, I would suggest you go for the UBS69 3.1tdi instead.
Your family would love you for the hugely extra comfort, larger space and
far better NVH. Just to remind you to drive like an matured driver aka
Mercedes and not like a punk driving like crazy round corners in a Civic
and you will do just fine.Cool


Posted 25 January 2007 - 01:29 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Thanks for ur info ya sifu. do u know what is the market price for the
green engine 3.1tdi type SUV? what is the year for the 3.1TDI discontinue
production? do u have full spec for this car or e-broucher about this
car ? i would like to know the 1997 onward 3.1tdi which distribute by ACM
is that the car built at japan & directly import to malaysia or asemble
at malaysia or other country like thailand or indonesia? 3.1tdi got how
many type such as LS, limited editon, lotus design limited edition & so
on. wat is the diffrent between this all type? TQ sifuCool


Posted 25 January 2007 - 04:57 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Hello Tourist,
Now I know what 4 wheel you are driving. BTW,is it difficult or cumbersome
to drive a manual tranny in a 4X4 in city driving condition ? How is the
left leg coping with it in a jam ? Cheers.


Posted 25 January 2007 - 08:22 PM


    White Lightning

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3.1Tdi has hydraulic assisted clutch so almost same as saloon.

Wil, I can scan some old brochure if you give me your email address. And
AFAIK, only 1 type of 3.1tdi being offered by ACM. ACM seems better screwed
together but KMA seems to performance better.


Posted 26 January 2007 - 12:56 PM


    Taxi Driver

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oh yes...my email address as follow


u means 3.1tdi clutch very light like sedan car? not need put so much
energy on the foot for change gear? wow...that is nice 4x4 car....i drove
land rover 110 station wagon & 110 pickup b4....the clutch walauuuu very
heavy hard to control the car. anyway thank for ur info. so anything else
about 3.1tdi just let me know k....TQ sifuSmile


Posted 27 January 2007 - 06:07 PM


    Taxi Driver

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sifu...thanks ur email...& info do u have other broucher like prado 1997,
mitsubishi v34v 2.5 turbo? need to compare the spec. TQBig Smile


Posted 29 January 2007 - 11:17 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Hi Tourist,
What's the maintenance cost of a 4x4 annually ? Parts, road tax, diesel,
tyres,labour, etc ? Cheers.