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Hilux 2.5 vs Storm L200 vs Ranger 2.5 vs Arista 2.

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Posted 19 February 2005 - 09:00 AM



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Dear Pick up owners,

I intend to get one of the above twin cab. I had test drive the Hilux SR
Turbo Auto,power and handling wise, acceptable but the ride a little bit
too bumpy, may be due to the height.
Care to to comment among the above 4, which has the better amd more
comfortable ride? I do understand that the ride will never be as good as
a saloon, but just among the 4 that I mentioned, which come out first.



Posted 20 February 2005 - 06:44 PM


    Road Warrior

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Hi AC,

the turbo hilux auto is not a 4x4 for a start. (just in case you were
looking for 4wd and didnt know). its also a superceded model, the new hilux
vigo is bigger all round, offers 4x4 and auto.

I think any of the others would offer smoother ride than the hilux. but
the hilux is built a little tougher for the rougher stuff.

maybe the new hilux vigo will offer smoother ride as well as the rest.

As for me.. I use my hilux for the rough stuff and am more than happy to
sacrifice on-road comfort.


Posted 20 February 2005 - 07:49 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Tact, can you explain why Hilux SR Auto is not a 4x4. I thought it was!!

I would go for hilux any day. They are tough, and built on over 20yrs

Remember, theres alot of models, you have to test drive them all.


Posted 20 February 2005 - 08:00 PM



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Hi all,

I drive a Hilux SR Auto and it is a 4x2. Only the manual is a 4x4. I
would disagree with Tact that the Hilux is not comfortable. I drove it
all the way to Combodia and back and did not have any body aches at all,
despite the fact that I am 59. My wife of 50 years, who went with me,
agrees that the Hilux is comfortable. It is of course more bumpy than a
saloon, but if the tyre pressure is too high, then of course, it will be
even bumpier.


Posted 20 February 2005 - 08:57 PM


    Road Warrior

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Hi lainam,

Hey I didnt say the hilux is uncomfortable. Just said that the others are
likely more comfy onroad. (They are built softer after all!) :)

Most of the ford, nissan, mitzi's out there would be marginally more road
comfy than any hilux. They sacrifice durability and off=road potency to
get it tho. *wink*

I recently took a brother=in-law's Frontier for a run. Its like driving a
normal car as far as on road manners are concerned. Despite that I still
prefer my 3yr old hilux! :)

I have done some long tarmac trips up into thailand and must say I was more
than comfy, and my wife, in the my 'lux.

At the moment GoToy ALL hilux automatics are 4x2. Plain and simple. No
option is available at all for 4x4 with auto box in the hilux range here.

I got the specs on the new Hilux Vigo (to be released in Malaysia next mth)
and it shows both the manual and auto versions have 4x4

I am guessing it will match and exceed the other brands in road comfort
when it arrives. :) And hopefully also maintain the lead in toughness
and offroad ability.


Posted 20 February 2005 - 09:30 PM



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Sorry Tact, my mistake. I was told that the new Hilux Vigo is going to
cost about RM105,000.00.


Posted 20 February 2005 - 09:57 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Wow, I had no idea auto was a 2WD. Only one thing to say to that, if its
not 4WD not worth to buy. I love manual, and would never buy an auto


Posted 20 February 2005 - 10:33 PM



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Hi GoToy,

Please pardon my ignorance but if you love a manual anyway, why was the
Nissan Frontier not among your list of candidates? I thought you
disqualified it because it did not have auto. Perhaps you know something I
don`t. I just booked a Frontier and haven`t taken delivery yet so you have
made me a bit nervous. Have I made a blunder going for the Frontier?

Oops, it was AC who was the author of the post and not GoToy. Am I right
then that AC only selected auto models or is there another reason to
exclude the Frontier?


Posted 21 February 2005 - 12:44 AM


    Fast & Furious

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Hi Jaylee

No I do know much about the Frontier, but was it not the top monthly
seller? I don't know why it was missed out from the original title. Maybe
AC is looking for auto only, I dunno. Frontier certainly looks nice.


Posted 21 February 2005 - 10:48 AM


    Road Warrior

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Hi Jaylee,

I dont know why AC left the frontier out of his options. But can comment a
little on observations after spending some time in bro-in-law's frontier.

I will compare to hilux LN166 (what I drive) mostly, and not so much to
other brands (ford, mazda etc) as I have no experience in those vehicles.
Have only read their spec sheets.

Similar.. my hilux and new frontier:
1. both have "double wishbone" at the front. This is generally seen as
stronger than the single wishbone front suspension of the ford/mazda

If the build quality and materials used in the hilux and frontier are
similar in strength (this I DONT know) then the frontier may be said to
have a strength similar to the hilux up front, and better than the ford/mazda

1. hilux comes with LSD in the rear. (I think the ford/mazda do also).
Frontier does not.

a LSD (limited slip differential) aids with maintaining traction. Its
missing from the frontier.

2. the frontier has "automatic freewheeling hubs". the hilux has manual.

Having auto hubs is a convenience. minor asset at best (many would say
auto hubs are a liability not an asset!)

What i HATE about how Nissan have incorporated their auto hubs is that you
MUST be moving slower than about 20Kmh before engaging 4wd (4H). (And I
must say that I had difficulty getting my Bro's Frontier to engage AT ALL
when moving faster than walking speed!)

I am so used to being able to flick my hilux into 4wd (4H) at almost any
speed (have done it effortlessly at 130kmh). I see this ability as a very
useful safety feature!

Imagine you are driving normally on a wet road at speeds like perhaps
60-110kmh and you have the ability to engage 4wd before a corner without
slowing down or stopping to do so. Flick it into H4 before the corner...
press safely thru with much reduced risk of slipping if something
unexpected were found mid corner... and flicking out of H4 afterwards. I
do it routinely.

I make a point of locking my hubs (manually) even around town when its
raining heavily, or the moment I am leaving the tarmac. So I can flick
in and out of 4wd mode whenever I like. DOing so before leaving the
carpark, or before in the mud, means you dont even get wet feet. ;)

I usually only unlock my hubs when I am going on a trip that is largely
long haul on good freeway. Even then I lock the hubs if its raining and
lts of winding roads ahead. Perhaps unlocking again at the next fuel stop
once rain is over and back to straighter roads.

This is impossible in the Frontier that I drove. Impossible faster than
walking speed! The manual says dont try it over 20kmh in any case!

3. The hilux and Frontier are dissimilar in ride comfort - Frontier softer
sprung and so less harsh in suspension onroad. That means the Frontier is
also less able offroad because of the softer suspension.

4. The frontier and hilux are dissimilar powerwise. My hilux is a 2.8
non-turbo model. the frontier is 2.5 turbo and so much more powerful.

I believe from reports the Frontier 2.5 turbo is more powerful than the
current Hilux 2.5 turbo also.

I believe this might change with the New Hilux Vigo being released next
month. It still has 2.5 turbo but I believe it has intercooler (missing
from current turbo hilux) and also changes to the fuel management (pilot
injections etc) to extract even more power from the engine.

enough written now. more comparo if asked. :)