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Anyone Trade Avanza for APV

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Posted 20 December 2005 - 05:49 PM



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Hi All Sifu Sifu..

Just to make a note here. This thread i copy and paste from toyota side.
where i written the same thing.
Sorry for those who read this there already.

Just Wonder anyone here trade your Avanza for Suzuki Apv.

I am driving an Auto Avanza. Around 5 months old. Mil 10k.

Just wonder is APV handling comfort FC and maintaince is better the

I know that APV enjin is a SOHC 1.6 but avanza 1.3 is DOHC. Power of
avanza to me is ok. Any diff or better on APV one.

Seems APV is higher. Is cornering a issue? and is APV a Rear wheel drive

Thinking dunno want to do a trade in or not.

Anyone who own both or had test drive both please give me some comment

Please kindly enlighten me up.

Note: If u are reading as a Suzuki Salesman. Please kindly tell how much
can i trade in.. any promo for me.. let say trade within this year or
early next year.

Note:If u keen into my Avanza Maroon. Auto. 10k mil 5 months old. Please
reply me a msg thanks. I will keep my number plate you can have as good
as new car plate. thanks.

Thank you very much.