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Moderator of your on thread - CHIPS and the REST

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Posted 08 January 2003 - 10:29 AM


    Hot Rod

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I think that Rollocam had a point too. Sure, we can
allow the thread-starter to moderate the thread -
makes our life easier - BUT what if you have someone
who encourages the same sort of extreme nonsense as
what has been seen last weekend? Then it's back to
square one for us because we still have to monitor
the threads and if we do adopt such an approach, and
we start to tell moderators they should not have
allowed this message ot that kind of post, then we
will be told that we are not keeping to our policy
and messing around with the other person's decision.

We want to get more moderators so that there is a
24/7 observation and right now, I think our moderator
number is about 15. We will only give the authority
to those we have personally met and whom we believe
are clear on our policies and how we want the forum
to run.

Personally, I have found that my approach of offering
an explanation for locking/deleting doesn't really
work and is not appreciated (of course, the person
whose thread gets locked will never like the fact!)
and instead gets me more abuse... sometimes I think
AW should give me a hazard allowance for taking all
that shyt. So in some of our discussions, we have
decided that there will be less explanations when a
thread has to be removed or locked. As we have often
reminded, we own the forum so it is our right to
allow or disallow. Responding to any complaint is not
obligatory on our part.

I think the present position is flexible enough and
if you can avoid insulting others and not getting
extreme in what you write, that should be fine. We
don't like to see fights and unnecessary rubbish so
don't start them. You know the forbidden subjects and
you know how to have your fun.


Posted 08 January 2003 - 08:07 PM


    White Lightning

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I think AW should start displaying the IP address of
the formers like TheStar. Sometimes forumers like dual
personalities, the good and the bad sides. Once you
displayed them.. I think more of less forumers would
start behaving.

I do not think that dial ups has Dynamic IP address,
because in TheStar I can see more or less my posting
and some other forumers has static IP address.

Pls do something to those vulgar and racially inciting
type of thread in NMT3..

Mr. Engineer

Posted 11 January 2003 - 03:21 PM

Mr. Engineer

    Karl Benz

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That is a good idea.

Also, if needs be, then only one thread can be moderated by its owner. However, this could also open to abuse as in multiple nicks owning multiple threads.