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Need advise - comparision and test drive

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Posted 13 December 2004 - 05:27 PM


    1st Gear

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I was in Berlin, Germany last August when I first saw Smart. I really
thot that the car was meant for kindergarten. Wonder why? Just look at
the photo that I took.


Now that it has reached Malaysia, I never imagine it actually cost a
bomb! Anyway, the car is kinda cute, and if you have the money and love
the car, just buy it la. Jgn gaduh2...


Posted 13 December 2004 - 10:25 PM


    White Lightning

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>>Hello 440ci....i'm not in any class, just lucky and hard working I

****No need for you to have mentioned the fact then.

>>yes, some of the Cinquecentos, (but at least it had 4 seats), too
many Fords to mention here.<<

****Too many as in they're actually selling well? How can that be when
you said they were a joke?

Kancil's have four seats (I noticed) and often get used, sometimes filled
with more bums than there are places for. Europe's a bit different
though? Like the majority of cars only driving with one or two occupants.
See the connection I'm trying to make?

>>a lot of people use drugs also, smoke, and consume large quantities
of alcohol, don't make it right though does it?<

****Sorry, I'm not high enough to appreciate you point that you need more
seats than you'll ever use. How do you feel about single seat motorcyles?
There's plenty of those in the superbike category.

>>you gotta be stoopid to spend so much money on so little, so your
logic on practicality is somewhat flawed, which is why Posh Spice and
Becks fall into the same category also.<<

****What could be more practical than a car that meets your needs? If the
content of the conversation relates to overseas they are a little pricey
for what they are, but obviously not so much so they're priced out of the
market. I would say Dc have their pricing strategy just right. Here, your
term, so much for so little, could be applied to most niche CBU cars.

>>they are definitely selling better than the Juara!(Another "first
world" concept dumped on a 3rd world country).<<

****Dumped? Are you sure? Sold OK in the first world didn't they? Come to
think of it so did the Tiara in its original form.

>>440ci doesn't sound very Malaysian....are you a DC agent?<<

Indeed I'm not x 2

>>Fiat Panda, Kia Picanto, Prius. Good value and very practical
propositions for US Malaysians<<

****For many perhaps, but ALL?

>>......err, 3 star means 25% chance of survival, not category. Waja got
same rating in different category, which means you have as the same
chance of surviving in SMART as in a Waja. Are we clear?<<

****Err. NO.

21. Are large cars safer than small cars?
From the laws of physics, all other things being equal, heavy cars do
better than light cars when they are involved in a frontal impact. To
avoid mass effects, Euro NCAP tests and compares cars within size
categories. The safety of cars in a size category is not a function of
mass, but it is dependent upon good design.

22. Can results be compared between groups?
Results should only be compared within the same group. The frontal
testing method mirrors a crash between two similar sized cars. Clearly a
bigger car has an advantage if it hits a smaller car and Euro NCAP
results cant be used to predict the outcome of such crashes.


>> ......I mean reliability and most significantly ...cost!<<

****Once again are you aware of any reliability problems? You keep using
cost as the prime reason, seemingly, for hating them. What about Harley
Davidson's? Crap aren't they, but they sell because they have an appeal
(even to me). Rolex watches? A RM1 watch is just as accurate and capable
of telling the time.

>>....I have driven not just one but three, different specs, in the UK,
and I was very surprised at how small, cramped, noisy and generally
crappy the car was for relatively a lot of money.<<

****So you have been to the UK then? You should have include it in your
(mildly) impressive list of places you have worked. You'll have seen
quite a few Smart's on the road then. Apart from the Roadster I didn't
find it cramped, quite the reverse and I'm pretty wide. I'd feel a little
tight with two of me side by side but there aren't that many people with
shoulders as wide as mine, even in Europe. Driving a lopong.1
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