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Save your fuel usage up to 30%!!

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Posted 08 September 2006 - 07:31 PM



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Save your petrol or diesel up to 30%. this product just lauching . we
provide advertisment in ASTRO, Newspaper, TV & other.

RM 48.00/ Box containing 10 Tablets. Add a tablet or two into your tank
whe you refilling your petrol. (1 tablet use for 30 Litres)

Dealer Wanted(limited only) or order products pls SMS me Elvin (016-
6262568) or email at elvinlsh@yahoo.com

else you can pm me.

K-FuelSaver (CC 007) - K-FuelSaver is a product from U.S.A. It is a multi
tasking fuel additive in tablet form. It is suitable for petrol and diesel

K-FuelSaver dissolved completely in fuel.

K-FuelSaver helps to achieve fuel economy, increase power and reduce
emission. Besides that, it can also help to improve the fuel quality,
eliminate carbon deposits, increase octane power, increase performance of
engine and enhance engine life span. It is a multi tasking quality product
that helps to achieve economic benefit as well as being environmental

Easy to use
Convenient to store
Environmentally friendly
Fully tested
Registered Product

Fuel additives are an important part of a good car maintenance program.
But make sure you know what you are putting in your fuel tank! There are
many quality bottle products on the market today - and from quality
companies you know and trust.

Chemplex has been one of those companies for 14 years. With a long history
in the automotive aftermarket, we have a solid reputation for quality. We
stand behind our products.

Product benefits include:
Increased Octane
Stops Knock and Ping
Cleaner Engine
Reduced Smoke and Emissions
Improved Fuel Economy
Substitute for the Protection of Lead

How does it work?

K-fuelSaver is a combustion catalyst that helps your engine burn the fuel
you buy more efficiently

Increases the rate of fuel burn, which increases pressure on the piston,
thus providing increased power.
Causes a more complete burn of fuel, which improves economy and reduces
Lowers the temperature at which carbon deposits will burn, so that your
engine can eliminate such power-robbing deposits during normal engine use.
Increases the octane of gasoline/petrol, resulting in the elimination of
pre-ignition (knock).

Consider the Advantages

On a treatment for treatment basis (1 K-FuelSaver compared to 1 bottle
of liquid), on average, K-FuelSaver is 44% more economical, EXW-Plant.
Freight costs are approximately 90% lower for K-FuelSaver than for
traditional bottled products. A Master Carton of 600 treatments weighs 9
pounds, compared to 650 pounds for 50 cases of 16 oz. cans (600
treatments) of a similar bottled product.
This means that the CIF price for K-FuelSaver is about 61% lowerthan a
liquid product.

A 20-ft. ocean container will hold about 3,341 cases of liquid, at 12
treatments per case, or 40,000 treatments. The same number of treatments
of KFuelSaver only requires 103 cubic ft. of container space, leaving
approximately 1,033 cubic ft. of container space available for other

85 cubic feet of warehouse space are required to store 1 pallet, or
1,140 treatments (95 cases x 12 treatments per case = 1,140) of typical
liquid treatment. The space required to store the same 1,140 treatments of
K-FuelSaver is only 2.92 cubic ft.
One pallet of liquid fuel product weighs approximately 2,375 pounds. The
same number of K-FuelSaver treatments weights 12.79 pounds.

When a bottle of liquid leaks, the whole case gets damaged; and if one
case on a pallet leaks, other cases, if not the entire pallet, may
eventually get damaged. Significant damage may occur before the leak is
discovered and it may be difficult to determine which case has the leaking
If a bottle of traditional product leaks in a consumers car, the
product is lost, it leaves a mess, and it leaves an undesirable odor. K-
FuelSaver will not leak in ischia@!pult 19 threadst: !!ult 19 threadst: 9!:c@(!sTitle!98ult 19 thread!0(`Ad Plast_poster_id'1', 'AAD3*LAsia/Kuala_Lumpur1A
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Posted 08 September 2006 - 10:45 PM



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Hello Forumer frez...

That fuel saver gadget & etc all BULL-SHITTING... I'll show you guys
proof that is untruth... Don't be cheated FORUMER...

Also AUTOWORLD should BAN him, indeed use Shell la also as advertise in
TV, RTM ada, TV3 ada, ASTRO ada Radio ada...mana-mana ada, where a couple
use a Volks travel around few part of worlds dunno with how many refill

Yor elvinsh, you should see TV3, RTM & TV8 also NTV beside Astro hahaha!

pro4logic -DEVIL- Evil