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Opel Mechanic

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Posted 01 August 2003 - 09:52 AM



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hello all,

first time joining this forum...
glad to hear that tactually there are people who really love to have n
opel. I've been fanatic with opel/vauxhall since 1989 when
cavalier /vectra a was so popular in the BTCC.

Im using vectra a 8 valve for abt 2 yrs and its really reliable
eventhough the previous owner not really taking care of the car. So i
spend out a lots of money to rebuild and maintain again the car. I
started from one workshop to another until i know how to manage this.
The best way to do is , to send ur car to Opel in jln tandang and get it
for full diagnostic including mechanical,electrical and ECU for engine
and gearbox. The cost less then RM200. Then with the check list, you go
to Jitt Soon spare part shop at Jln Ipoh, and buy the spare parts. can be
consider cheap there.

The brake pad cost about RM100plus only. Can use Jurid for the back, for
the front i cant remember, something like allied... or even lucas also
have. The front brake pad is about the same like peugeot but i cant
remember which model. The bearing some of it same like isuzu.

Or even to get it cheaper, try to order straight from UK as its very
cheap (even after conversion).

Got one mechanic in Batu Caves, behind petronas, the shop call R&R
orkshop if im not mistaken.. his name is LAN used to work with Opel and a
lots of car financing,bank send opel car to him to fix before resell back
the car.

Potong kereta, you can find with hakitrade, seng hup (segambut one), also
near to Lan's workshop.

But unfortunately, my car have problem with the gearboxs recently where i
need to replace it. I try with hakitrade and found out 3 gearboxs also
cannot be use. Damn, im so unlucky. Now still in delemma, wheather to
repair the box or to replace it with second hand one.

Im thinking of open up opel club if anyone interested so we can have more
gathering and also think on how to overcome the spareparts issue.

Like peugeot, they are very lucky as got 1 spare part shop who very cheap
and lots of mechanic are very good and the price very reasonable.

I think this is too long already. I will write again if needed.

Go and search for vauxhall cavalier in web and sure u will find out a lot
of info. Ppl like andy kirwan, is very experience guy with opel/vauxhall

my car still in the workshop in subang to get fix the gearbox. My timing
belt also about to change already.

If you guys bump into my cr wdt2433 black opel vectra a, dont wait..just
horn and we become friend. My front sportlight using VR4 one and i guess
need to change it as the light always blow.

see yaaa......Wink


Posted 01 August 2003 - 01:40 PM



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I have an Opel Astra 1.6 1995(A). I have a few problems with my car and
would like for some feedback.

1. The brake pads needs to be changed what brand should I get and where
can I get it frm.
2. The engine check indicator is on permanently. Does anyone know what is
the problem and where can I get it fixed reliably. The sensor have been
changed but the light is still on. One mechani told me that I need to
chage the whole electronic box.3. Everytime I reverse my car first thing in the morning, the "S" - Sport
indicator light turns on and I have to switch off the engine and start
again and straight away go into drive mode but once the engine is hot and
running even if I reverse the "S" mode will not turn on. Any reason for

Thanks and hope to get some response from the Opelites out there.



Posted 06 August 2003 - 10:32 AM



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it could be the solenoid for the reverse sensor..take out that one and
try clean it...

or try to do total gbox cleaning as might have some blockage inside...

Anyway i just manage to solve by gbox problem by combining 3 gbox from
hakitrade and mix and match..finally after bring up and down the gbox for
4 times...

labor cost is rm 1050 including 16liter gbox oil, 1 spark plug, 1 host
from air flow meter to the trottle body..

gbox manage to get RM2000.00 at hakitrade..

also bought 1 pair of lower arm at RM250


Posted 06 August 2003 - 10:50 AM



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anyone here know on how to lowered the car..? i mean changing the
suspension and spring? any brand to use here?

or any workshop have the capability to custom made by using Japanese

I know that Din Kesidang can do but he too busy....

also how much is the timing belt together with tentioner bearing?mine on
got sound already...and im using c20ne-8 valve

Any idea on V6 engine? easy to get the part here? I know in kajang have
one but i guess not really complete as i saw there is no more radiator
there...this v6 hp is 170 and used to be one of the fastest car in the
market at his time in v6 2.5l category.

thinking about putting the v6 engine if possible...

recently i saw 1 vectra a/ cavalier in KLCC area painted with red/white
vauxhall....like BTCC astra coupe color..do you know the guy?
I need to talk to him where he do up his car.


Posted 10 August 2003 - 11:12 AM



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Thanks bro. Anyway, what can you recommend for shock absorbers front and
back, ie what brand and what would the price range be.

Thanks mate and hope your car is ready to roll.


Posted 12 August 2003 - 05:42 PM



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so far as i know bielstein, koni good stuff..

but those are too expensive for me to have ..so looking forward to
customise the jap once.

anyway found out the car that im looking for ( the vauxall red white
color)...wdh2331 ..overtake me at one utama...unfortunaly at that time im
running kancil...no use horn him as he might tot that i wanna fight with

found out another problem for my car...when use aircond, my car idling
very bad and always die......
also very hard to start now a days... i suspect that it could be the
timing belt as tooo noisy sound from the timing belt...
still waiting for my salary to get it fix with new roadtax..hehhehehehe


Posted 12 August 2003 - 10:57 PM


    2nd Gear

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Hi all .. I got happy news to share .... my mom's 97 Astra 1.6 had a few
problems ... especially after getting a new a/c installed. The horn
stopped working and air bag light was lit. At the same time, I had not
solve the "s" bilnking problem ... until she came across an a/c
technician/mechanic (Ong - a cousin's old buddy) up north who recently
bought over a diagnostics machine for continental cars. Was told he paid
some heavy $$ for it.
He fixed the horn and air bag problem, locating it to a bad re-
installation of the wire harness behind the steering column. Cost me $600
for a new one as the old one was truly damaged ...ouch, but the problem
has been solved.
As for the biliking "s", it was diagnosed to a gear shift sensor ?? ...
cost pretty a lot it seems, don't have the details until next week when I
am back in town.

Anyone interested in the details? I'll post Ong's phone number as well for
anyone who would like to call him directly. Seems like we may have the
choice to travel out of KL for good continental car mechanic.

Big Smile


Posted 13 August 2003 - 12:10 AM


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Hi all Opel freaks,

Good to know there are Opel lovers out there dying for any info that might benefit them
as owners of these great german machines. I was once into opels long time back. I
owned a 4 dr opel Commodore as well as a 2 dr Commodore in the early 80's. The 2 dr
was one of the best designed sports coupe around at the time. There were no rivals to
it's beauty. however, the engine was plagued with endless problems (coz of the twin
4-barrel designed carbies) that made me sell the car and go for the Australian Holden
which was tougher and more reliable, as well as parts were cheap. Those days, many
owners opted for Jap engines in their Commodores.

Now Holden is Opel and Opel is Holden. If parts are expensive here, then get someone to
buy them from Australia. There is always someone going to Oz every now and then.
Holden Astra/Vectra etc shares virtually all the parts with Opel Astra/Vectra. I once had
a Opel Calais (the big luxury Opel brother), which had a VIN tag in the firewall tagged as
Holden from GMH Australia, but is a German car sold by Europel.

These 2 cars are a real mix-n-match. Over here the beautiful Calibra suffers from
expensive and hard-to-get parts. But you could order them from Oz at good prices to
keep your pride going for a long time.

The best part is that you could get uniquely designed bodykits and front grilles/badges
etc for these cars from Holden Australia.. that will set you apart from the rest of the
crowd here. Dare to be different!!




Posted 18 August 2003 - 10:47 AM



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For brake pads, Mintye is a very good and reasonable brand in Malaysia.
Paid 60+ front and 50+ back for my Vectra A. Ask any sparespart shop and
they can help you.

Engine check light permanently on - which sensor did you changed? Has
anyone fiddle with your AFM/MAF before? If yes, need Tech1 to reset. Done
mine to increase RPM and discover the potential problems.

"S" light - check fault code with Tech1 (RM60)or if you know how to use
paper clip on fault code connector socket together with fault code chart
(free or only cost of paper clip), read out fault code to determine
problem. Gearbox is very sensitive, better leave the repair to gearbox
specialist after knowing the fault.


How many units of V6 in Kajang? Where about is this halfcut shop? Will
catch up with you in TTDI after you get you road tax. Let me know if you
can get better quality timing belt and good price as I also need to change
mine too. Why is it that the belt start to detiorate after 50K+ unlike Jap
70K to 80K? Anyone?


I had problem with my gear shift sensor as well as kickdown switch from
fault code reading. Car could not even start. This would happend from time
to time. Found out it was due to wiring problem near fuel pump relay
located next to accelaration paddle. You would need to remove side panel
next to paddle to access the relay. Patched up the wires and changed the
relay and everything is fine ever since.

Happy motoring in your Opel. Cheers.


Posted 20 August 2003 - 01:56 PM


    2nd Gear

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no more europel after this... mofaz will takeover...
after sales ok skit... maybe