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Posted 03 January 2005 - 06:05 PM



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I think, generally the public have confused value of the car for the
quality of the car. Yes our 145/146 does not have a high 2nd value but
does that trully define the quality of the car??? of course not! I have a
proton as a 2nd car and guess what? no matter how much the value drops,
there is no comparison between a continental car finish, handling and
performance to a proton or any jap make. This is true as I was in a 2.0
civic and was disappointed with the interior finish for a car worth
RM125k. Though I like that car too.

The pride in driving these lovely machines is not how much it is worth in
the market but the very fact that you have a machine that is safer at
higher speeds than most. Most 2.0 litres machines can keep up with the
Alfas at long stretches of highway, but try a turn at 150/160km/h?? they
back off. Simple truth.. the car is design to be driven and driven it
must be!

Also my choice of w/shop....Mega Auto.. Yes Teong has his moods but so
far I have been successful with him.

Cheers everyone


Posted 03 January 2005 - 06:19 PM



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Hi neesees,
I fully agree what you have mentioned about the beauty of Alfa. The
public just doesn't aware.
I had accident once with my Alfa, she saved my life! So no matter how
expensive the spare parts cost, I still feel my Alfa is smilimg with me
every time I look at her.


Posted 03 January 2005 - 06:41 PM



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Been to Megaauto in Kuchai Lama.....service not bad la....but in term of
doing new car....like mine 156 is a bit susah for them ler....have to
check here and there before they know what really happen....hmmm....just
wondering why????


Posted 03 January 2005 - 08:11 PM


    White Lightning

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hey bro, the COBRAs? well, it's in already la bro. you should check IA
more often as i posted about it a couple of months back. what is it
that you're looking for la? full bukcet or recliner? 1 unit or 1 pair? i
have the price with me for Misano, Sidewinder and Daytona. come for
the TT la, i'll show you the catalogue as well.

lhl4pg3, haha bro, no matter how cheap our cars are, i reckon we
have one of the best driving machines bro hehe. it may be cheap, but
when we go cruising at 200, it's PRICELESS. it's actually good
knowing that we can get cheap Alfa Romeo's since it'll definitely be
good for us to get another Romeo in the garage hehe. those who
never tried one, they'll never now what they're missing.

anyway, let's not talk about other cars guys, as we are here to talk
about HHK as posted.


Posted 04 January 2005 - 03:23 AM



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Well not to defend HHK but I think all of us experience different levels of
service at different workshop. A friend of mine sent his 146 to HHK. Was
accepted and serviced without issues. True he had to make a second trip
much later to HHK to look into another part of the car that wasn't in hurry
for attention. HKK remembered and call my friend to come in to start work
on it. All of us wouldn't want to experience service like MA which takes
in car but don't do a good job.

On another instance, a lady friend's Perodua Kembara was sent to the alfa
workshop at Kuchai Lama based another friend's recommendation (who service
his 156 there). Changed a 'new' gear box and service some other stuff for
$1K+. When I went with her to pick up her car and tested it... it wasn't
properly done. Lame excuse like... it's like that and it's a new part +
needs running in. Took the car to HHK and had it looked into weeks after
that.... they worked out most of the issues and re-worked the the 'new'
gear boxed at Perodua. Less than $200.
Hey even sent her home so that she doesn't have to wait for car while they
worked on it.

To me it clearly shows different levels of 'profesionnalism' at the
different workshop. So I don't think it's about if a car is cheap or not.

No prizes for guessing where I service my car... I like 'no questions
asked' service policy for jobs not well done. ;P


Posted 04 January 2005 - 10:15 AM


    Taxi Driver

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In all the two and a half years i had my 156 serviced by them, i have
never had a bad experience with them.
True, as their reputation grew, so did the number of cars they had to
repair..So always call up first, explain the symptoms and trust their
call and judgement.
I`ve had them changing my aux belt and tensioner at night till almost the
witching hour cause i had to use the car the next day.
They started changing my clutch and gear box bearings at night after i
called them urgently as i was going on the AROC GT in two days time.
They were always there for me.
They are hands on mechanics and they don`t delegate the job to ma-chais,
so you have to be patient.Also PR works both ways.Smile


Posted 04 January 2005 - 10:25 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Dunno why you guys even bother replying. If there are some who dislikes
HHK then go elsewhere la. No one is forcing you to go to HHK wat! More
space for people like me Big Smile

Have to agree with Doc, PR works both ways. Being a paying customer
doesn`t make one a King!


Posted 04 January 2005 - 01:38 PM


    6th Gear

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JL bro,i agree with u,if your have time to wait,so your just wait until
the appointment date due.for me i am the oldmanCrying cannot wait too
long,i send my car to worldtech or mega to service.time for me is money


Posted 04 January 2005 - 02:10 PM


    White Lightning

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Worldtech! Mega Auto! FA Italia! Alfatech!


Enough said... Big Smile


Posted 04 January 2005 - 03:17 PM



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yadayadayada yadayadayada.....

some in defense and some against HHK - no surprise there. well this is a
forum and its purpose is for people to voice out their opinions, whether
good or bad - so be it.

perhaps HHK is reading this thread or perhaps someone will inform them of
the negative opinions posted.

in any case heres what i have to say about them - there was never any
doubt about their quality of work and commitment to regular customers
(and i stress the term regular customers). having said that, they should
also consider granting some courtesy to potential new customers instead
of being nonchalant or even downright rude.

customers come and go the regulars might move away for some reason and
new ones would need to come by.....