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Posted 23 June 2003 - 11:45 PM



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Anyone can advise on MR2. Is it a good buy? Not much is written on this
gem. My interest was rekindled after reading the segment on Sunday's CBT.
Was it you Chips who wrote that segment.

What's the power to weight ratio?
What engine is it using black top, silver top, red top etc (never really
understand what they mean)?
How about service & spare parts, I know the new MRS shares the same altis
engine hence spares are easy what about MR2 Mk II?
Will UMW service the car after the recent bad press by grey owners?
How's the depreciation or would I be able to sell later at all?
How's the financing, if at all?

I am thinking of the MR2 Mk II Turbo but not many MR2 sellers around and
not even one for slightly newer 1996 & above car. Not sure how I can get
my hand on one.


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Posted 26 June 2003 - 01:42 PM


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The article is quite good but some info is either left out or misleading.

1st of all, you can forget about finding a 1996 or even 1994 onwards
model as they are very rare and most owners wouldn't want to part it, a
prized possesion. :) Most models on sale are 1990/1991 models, with T-bar
roof. Hardtops and sunroof models are quite rare also.

2nd, the handling is not as easy. Even with the revised suspension setup
introduced from 1993 onwards, it's not as easy car to drive on the limit.
Having own one, I can say the handling can be vicious if you're not
prepared, it can be downright scary. Shall we say, snap oversteer? :)
Once you get used to it, it's a really fun car to drive.

3rd, the picture of the car is a UK model car if I recall correctly,
upgraded to 1998-spec. The long plate holder is a dead-giveaway.

Blacktop/Silvertop/Redtop commonly refers to the 4A-G series engine, not
the 3S-G series engine used in the MR2. For the MR2 with the 3S-GE you
usually get the 165hp Gen II 3S-GE for 1990/1991 models. 1994 onwards you
get the 180bhp Gen III 3S-GE while from 1998 onwards you get the Gen IV
BEAMS 3S-GE with 200hp, recognisable with the red cam cover.

For turbo models 1990/91 will get you 200/225hp 3S-GTE Gen II while 1993
models get a 245hp Gen III 3S-GTE.

NA models weights around 1180kg, Turbos heavier of course.

Service and spare parts, parts can be sourced from most kedai potong,
some parts can be pricey (like body parts), others like timing belt and
oil filter are easier to get. Nice thing about Toyota is parts are
interchangable from other cars. Where to service, get in touch with other

Further reading (targeted for UK market, but still useful).

Also the August issue of Sport Compact Car magazine has a guide to buying
1991-1995 MR2 (for US market, but still worth reading).