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Is this tampered mileage? - Celica VVTL-i

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Posted 07 July 2005 - 12:13 AM


    4th Gear

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T.Celica owners, please advise n reply this message. I am a newbie to

I visited a 5 car dealers in KL this few days to view the Toyota Celica
VVTL-i Year 2000. These are unregistered cars but used in Japan. I
understand VVTL-i, but some models comes with Super strut. what does that
mean ?

I noticed ALL of these T.Celica that I have seen has a mileage below
20,000km, mostly 12000km and 17000km. Could it be the same sole importer
from Kuching that distributes these T.celica to car dealers in KL ?

I also seen one that is below 2500km. Can this be true for a t.celica year
2000? I am a bit worried about the honesty of the car dealers regarding
the car mileage. How can a 5 year old car go below 20,0000km and the thing
is all t.celica with 5 car dealers that I have seen are like that.

The thing is how come all these T.celica are below 20,000km ? How can it
be for a 5 years car?

Can anybody shed some light here?

Are these car dealers honest when they say these t.celica is accident free?

All of the car dealers r selling at RM128,000 . Only one is willing 2 go
at RM126k since the car's interior condition is not that good.

All of the T.celica comes with fullbody kit.

The diskbrake can see, already a bit rusty n karat oredi with some minor
dented dots.

T.Celica owners, please advise. I am a newbie to T.Celica. Yes, I am
staying near Wan Utama. I intend 2 get a T.Celica this month.

Thank you.



Posted 07 July 2005 - 11:14 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Hi Celica190,

I'm not an owner of toyota celica.. Intend to get one provided i can get
rid of my Nissan Sentra w/o substantial lost. Anyway i read somewhere
regarding the tampered mileage.. rule of thumb 3x-4x of displayed mileage.
I viewed one at Mutiara Motor JB few days back.. Its VVTL-i & its
yellow. Being a distributor of Greedy parts, they have made some extra
mods, the engine bay look very clean & the condition are very good.Price
stated was 13xk but they offered me 125k on the dot. My bet can go lower
than that. ALso saw 2x MRS.. yellow & black, going much cheaper at 11xk


Posted 08 July 2005 - 12:50 PM


    Road Warrior

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anything can be tampered with. (including odometer mileage) . you need to view car with a freind
(good mechanic).

There is a malaysian celica forum around ; and steve (celica KL head) run it.

They also have links with the singapore celicas (over 100 members~far larger & more active than
in malaysia)

the rustyness of the rotors are common (no biggie) i run with the car will cure it. (while if left idle
after washing a car, it meterialises on surface (but its not to a point of worry)

The good thing about the celica is that it a 2+2 (although it a 'small' rear seats) and it sleek
looking. A celica VVTi-L(190HP) runs as fast as a MRS (140HP but at 975kg (MRS) its the power
to weight that shines).

Outright on performance alone, the ITR is better but overall drive ownership between the ITR and
celica; the VVTi-L celica is a joy to drive.

the new toyota engines (ZZ series) run on chains (as oppose to timing belt) but one only needs to
check the tensioner (pre-2001)


Posted 08 July 2005 - 08:39 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Correct me if im wrong but i thought VVTL-i comes with 190hp & VVTI-L is
140hp.. Anyway heard that Toyota will launch 8th gen of Celica end of
this year. Probably the current model price would drop?


Posted 09 July 2005 - 01:02 PM


    Road Warrior

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Varible valve timing (+) intelliegence

Varible valve timing (+) intelliegence (with) Lift

The celica (7th Gen) comes with 2 types of engine ; 1ZZFE & 2ZZGE

more info on the engines (its all here)

the engines are rated
1ZZFE = 140HP
2ZZGE = 190HP

As far as all news reports (from toyota USA, europe) they will stop production in 2005 (US) &
2006 (europe). This can be validated from auto news forums respectively.

anything beyond that is pure speculation they prices will drop according to year & market forces.

8th gen celica? Toyota has not even launch a concept version of it, nor any spy photos.....so it all
bull for now.
Maybe there could be an unveiling of a new concept at the international tokyo auto show (year


Posted 10 July 2005 - 03:59 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Posted 20 July 2005 - 10:21 AM



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wow celicas .. nice to meet u here
want to join celica club malaysia (CCM) ?


hope can see u ... we have TT every friday and sometime have tea at cheras
on saturday .


Posted 20 July 2005 - 11:29 PM



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Hi celica190!!!

I hv few units of celica vvtl-i yr2000 unreg

if interested email me ..absolutebiz@hotmail.com



Posted 11 August 2005 - 09:08 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Which model did u currently selling right now ?

Any showroom to see and look ?


Posted 13 August 2005 - 03:28 PM


    4th Gear

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I finally got my Toyota Celica. It comes with TRD bodykit, original DVD
screen, and cd changer.

Thanks for all the advice.

The audio shop install a DVD player since the original DVD player from
Toyota is not accessible. They say the format is different, but the screen
still can be used.

Because of the haze in KL, I have came back to my hometown.

One of the Celica members called me and asked me to join them to meet
every week. I am very grateful that there are other Celica drivers who are
nice and friendly.

After studying the Japanese car market, now I understand why most Japanese
cars have low mileage to help me believe that the low mileage of the
Toyota Celica that I bought is quite true. It is below 17,000km .

Thanks guys.