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Number Plates To Look Out For

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Posted 08 August 2002 - 11:36 PM


    White Lightning

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ah well just hope they would end up in a MAJOR
ACCIDENT.... serve them right.... hehe... busuknya
hati ku but afterall, if they are not scared to
die.... better die rather than endangering other road
users.... man sadistic mind i have Big Smile bunch of
community`s rubbish....



Posted 07 September 2002 - 07:28 PM


    Knight Rider

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if u happen to use MRRII, look out for BDK3492. dark
green proton iswara a/b with very tall spoiler.

this SOB likes to hog two lanes at one go. if u
overtake him, he will chase u and try to run u off the

just becareful ok ?


Posted 08 September 2002 - 01:18 AM



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And guys, please beware of those Ah Beng looking drivers who
has walkie-talkies. These people are either those samseng VCD
sellers or towtruck operators. You can easily spot these
bastards....either their car are heavily-cheaply modified or you
can tell from their looks...or both.

I have encountered a few times where these bastards thinks their
own the road. Once I was driving along Jln Genting Kelang and I
was on the outer lane and i heard a loud exhaust note coming
from the left lane......at that time, the road was quite congested
and I was following a car. This bastard over took me from the
left lane and forced himself into my lane....I almost banged into
him, it was so close! This bastard just wouldn't give a damn....I
have to give way and I blasted my horn. Then I realised I made
a mistake, I saw that driver was using his walkie-talkie and then
another Ah Beng car came from behind and over take me. These
two bastards was in front of me and I was kind of worried
because my gf was with me. So i just continue to follow them
in a distance and all of the sudden, I turned into the left junction
and sped off. They miss the junction as they didn't expect me to
turn. Thank God they couldn't make a U turn.

So guys, beware if you see drivers with walkie talkie.....they are
thugs and normally operate in a group. Don't mess with them.


Posted 08 September 2002 - 11:03 AM


    White Lightning

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why not call the police ???


Posted 08 September 2002 - 06:59 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Its better to just avoid the confrontation as you
will most likely end up at the losing end with these
type of SOBs. Always try to avoid being cornered to
stop, if these bastards still persist just continue
driving to the nearest police station.


Posted 09 September 2002 - 04:55 PM



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yeah, sometimes it's better to ignore these thugs. I don't think
the police would want to mess with these people. If they want
to catch these thugs, they would have sapu most of the VCD and
CD stalls already. Just take a look at Desa Setapak. FOr those
who are staying there would know that these stalls are a
nuisance. First, they occupy all the parking lots, thus causing
traffic jam as people who want to park would double park.
Secondly, these bastards who are selling CD will blast the hifi
even late at night.

I have seen a couple of times where they were scrambling
packing and went into hiding before the authorities would even
get there. SO what is the point of having a raid when these
bastards have informers all over the place. WHy can't the police
and the authorities go plain clothes first.....and then give them a

If you have been into the GTI club forum website, you would
have read the incident at SS2 where this VCD seller who was
driving and became a road bully as well.


Posted 09 September 2002 - 09:42 PM


    White Lightning

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Well i think it's time to get in tough cops (like in
Dirty Harry or something) to bust these people's
arse... Coz' I believe, solving these things too soft
and straightforward will might end up in personal or
perhaps public threat....

I believe there are underground informers within the
police force. Coz' if there isnt, a successful raid
would have been done. We can lodge reports but if
someone underground knows it, then they'll evade it...

Anyway lawbreakers are lawbreakers, those who sell
VCD are also road bullies.


Posted 11 September 2002 - 12:43 AM



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Yup, I too always believe there are some sort of underground
informers within the authorities. But i believe there are a few
ways these VCD and CD sellers operate. Firstly, I think they will
stationed their "vultures" in front of the DBKL/police station.
Whenever they see that there are lorries getting out from the
station that looks like a raid, they will inform the rest of the gang.
I heard from a towtruck driver that the vultures hang around
the MPSJ building. Secondly, they will also station the vultures
around the area they operate and whenever they see the
police/DBKL lorries are coming, they will use the walkie talkie to
inform the rest of them. This is why whenever there is going to
be a raid going on in Desa Setapak, the VCD/CD sellers will have
enought time to pack their stuffs and go into hiding. I have seen
this kind of incident very often as sometimes I do hang around
there having my dinner or supper.


Posted 11 September 2002 - 11:03 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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This is another story..

My friend told me that he just visiting his friend at
hospital. His friend was admit due to slash wound to
his face. Get 15 stiches..

His story.

He was driving a putra travelling from Ulu Kelang to
Bukit Jalil using MRR2. On the fast lane, he saw a
Volvo reg number NAY**** ( must be fake number ). Too
slow and he overtake from left which another Perdana
follow him too. Then he speed up until the Volvo was
not in sight. Then after a while he saw the same
Perdana overtake him with a quite of speed. After a
short puzzled on his mind, he saw the same volvo was
behind him. The volvo then overtake him and some men (
5 of them ) show him some signs with parangs on their
hand!. He was shocked and tried to speed up just to
leave the volvo. But the volvo was not match with his

Then the volvo rammed his car from rear, side left and
right ( like hollywood stlye ) and squeze his car and
try to pushed to the road side. He cannot run anyway
and suddenly, the volvo was successfully rammed his
putra from right and pushed to the roadside. His putra
was crashed into the road barrier near Bukit Jalil and
he cannot escape due to bent doors. 2 guys come out
from the volvo with parangs and smashed all windows
and tried to slashed his neck. He was so lucky that he
ducked his head and the parang only reached his
forehead. After seeing my friend was bleeding and
unconscious, they left the scene.

The incident was happened 2 months ago.

My advice to you all not to overtake from left side.
Might be p/ss of some drivers!. If you got some
trouble with this moron, just remember the nearest
police station and drive in to it. Dont be foolished
to confronted with them. They might be armed and
dangerous. Your baseball bats will be useless for
them. Unless you bring some modern self defence


Posted 11 September 2002 - 06:12 PM


    White Lightning

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was a victim as well, not the slashing type.
was on the way back from JB about 3 weeks ago and when
i reach seremban, one red iswara, heavily modified
suddenly showed up behind me. i signalled to the left,
to let him pass on the fast lane, i am already doing
about 130 in my kancil.

suprisingly, as i went to the middle lane, he
followed. i was moving about 60 when he was still
following. got a lil bit scared at that moment.

he finally passed me before we reach the UKM turnoff
and then he stayed infront of me and i find it really
hard to drive at 50 on a highway...oppurtunity came
and i overtake, revving the car all the way to escape.

he followed until the sg. besi toll, then since i was
using TnG, i was faster than him, turn off to the
petronas station and let him go far far away before i
resume my journey home...

not sure what he is trying to prove until today.

sigh...dun mess with these wackos, sometimes, their
ego is bigger than the car engine you and i are