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Compare Mercedes C200 And Bmw 320I

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Posted 30 October 2018 - 10:34 PM


    4th Gear

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In terms of overall size is more class than the Mercedes C200 with the specific size of 4686 x 1810 x 1442mm, the BMW 320i is also a formidable opponent. Although the length is not longer, but in return is more prominent width, two models are designed in the sport style.
In two models that strange but familiar, but close to this, have the design match each other, radiate a personal beauty, strong but no less noble.
The first is a 2-nanometer radiator grille with the C-3 star logo of the C 200, dual-purpose braces or exhaust chassis Mercedes-Benz chrome-plated look and shiny. Speaking of the BMW exclusive grille, the two-way cab is easily recognizable from a distance, combined with a long bonnet, pulling the side of the car to create a passive, dynamic and youthful.
Followed by a Mercedes C200 carries on his team of LEDs at the front, there is also a BMW 320i carries on its LEDs incorporated by ADAPTIVE technology, depending on the environment that adjusts the lighting accordingly, minimizing the dazzling the opposite direction. The two companies are meticulous to bring the best systems for their children, helping the two products but different but still have a common point is the level.
Rear mirrors of the two models are lucky to have the resonance of the folding and turn signals, safe in all cases. The 17-inch Mercedes C200 5-spoke alloy wheels have been rated for the 16-inch BMW 320i wheels.
Compare Mercedes C200 and BMW 320i on interior
Inside the BMW 320i is the designers use the chrome black border, specifically the center console panel, the air conditioning, ... Here is the Mercedes C200 is used by engineers chrome with leather and wood, bringing Mercedes-Benz's elegance and luxury. The Mercedes C200 features a sophisticated leather-wrapped steering wheel, which is designed with a dual-screen tube-shaped paneled starter combined with a rear-view mirror with maximum glare-free performance.
At the same time, the BMW 320i features Intelligent HUD windshield display that can customize the level of brightness corresponding to the exterior light, which demonstrates modernity and operator comfort. when driving.
The Mercedes C200 is equipped with a CD player, 7-inch TFT screen to help passengers relax while on the move, also has Radio / Bluetooth and is controlled by touchpad touch. , more convenient is the GPS global positioning function.
The BMW 320i also features a more customizable audio system with 16 harman / kardon speakers combined with digital audio amplifiers, along with sound-proofing to create a concert-like atmosphere in the rooms. music in his car, also has a modern 8.8 inch screen.
Both models have their own ambiance light interior lights, which have their own unique features. The Mercedes C200 comes in three color options and the BMW 320i has two colors. Both models are well crafted leather upholstery. The Mercedes C200 comes with a custom front seat, a 40:20:40 rear seat and a 40:20:40 split rear seat. The BMW 320i has an intelligent electric driver seat.
The air-conditioning system is well-ventilated and has cool, water-filled or charger compartments for both models. The luggage compartment of the BMW 320i has a displacement of 480 liters.
Performance of the engine
The Mercedes C200 features a 2.0 liter l4 engine, producing 184 horsepower at 5500 rpm and a range of 1200-4000 rpm at 300 Nm. Only with 7.3s, the maximum operating speed is 235 km / h, making the engine speed 0-100 km / h.
Performance of the engine
The Mercedes C200 features a 2.0 liter l4 engine, producing 184 horsepower at 5500 rpm and a range of 1200-4000 rpm at 300 Nm. Only with 7.3s, the maximum operating speed is 235 km / h, making the engine speed 0-100 km / h.
Compare performance
Next to it is the BMW 320i, which also owns a 2.0 liter l4 engine, producing 184 horsepower at 5000 rpm and a range of 1350 - 4250 rpm at 290 Nm. With a maximum operating speed of 235 km / h, the engine accelerates 0-100 km / h.
Both models of the two cars have a good mechanism of operation and the main man half weight.
The Mercedes-Benz C200 features 9-speed gearboxes - the 9G Tronic 2017 and the BMW 320i's 8-speed gearbox. Represented by the fact that when the driver shifts the number, both the driver and passengers are noticeable, it is difficult to recognize because of the lightness and smoothness and maximum fuel savings in the Mercedes-Benz C200.
Intelligent suspension coupled with automatic and electronic steering assist steering when needed, more active driving, and a more enjoyable driving experience. Mercedes-Benz C200 owns the Run-Flat tires and in the BMW 320i owns 205/60 R16 tires.
Secure comparison
With the reverse camera feature of both cars, support for the driver easier when moving in narrow space. 7 airbags in the Mercedes-Benz C200 and 6 airbags in the BMW 320i.
In addition, the Mercedes C200 2017 features safety features including emergency braking, anti-lock braking, head restraint reduction, 3-point seat belt with emergency belt tension, Active parking support, torque limiting, collision prevention and distraction warning, and Adaptive braking.
Then it comes to the BMW 320i which owns the CCTV camera combined with the lane warning camera along with the rearview mirror and the camera set up on the side of the car. It also has the function of shaking the steering wheel, alert, remind the driver to concentrate when driving.
The Mercedes C200 is slightly larger in all respects, including the sound system, the operating mechanism. But can not be denied both models of the two famous car companies one nine one ten, equal. And these two brands always protect their passengers with safety.
Hope the article will help you the question: "Should buy Mercedes C200 or BMW 320i?", Wish you own the car that you like best.