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Naza Sutera 2007 Vs Kancil 2001

naza sutera kancil perodua

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Posted 20 April 2016 - 03:28 PM


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Hi all,


I had an enquiry regarding this car, was wondering anyone can help me? Thanks in advance smile emoticon

My current kancil 660 (2001 model) is almost dead. As in, it has TOO MANY issues and fixes to do, which might properly cost me around 2.5-3k to fix. So I was thinking, why not get a cheap temporary car for now, which is better than my Kancil atleast, so it can last me for some good time (a year or 2 MAX), till I plan for a nicer better car in future. The cheap car would mean I might have to spend a bit more than the kancil I have for now, and it will be a much better car to last me a while.

For this, I was looking around choices, which would be around 4.5-5k for the car. I found a NAZA Sutera (1100cc), being sold by an owner. This is a 2007 model, and he seems to have maintained it and taken care of it really well. He has changed a lot of parts recently. The overall car, along with all new changed parts, and everything else, is going for around 5k. Here is a few things from a chat recently:

Mounting rubber 180rm (Have to replace sometime in future soon) 
Drive Shaft 150rm. (Have to replace sometime in future soon) 
Paint chip on right side was there when I bought. 
And small dent on back door left side from taxi. 
Insurance road tax till 2017 worth 700rm+
Interior no issues at all. Very clean. may be get new steering cover. 
Tyres good for about 6 months, the back ones. Front wheels no problem. 
Blue led light in Floor of car, looks cool at night. 
Passenger window doesn't open from when I bought but I don't open Coz in Malaysia aircon is a necessity. It is very cold. New compressor, air filter etc. Worth 1500
Drive Shaft only makes noise when you are turning steering full.
Engine is very stong. Went up genting without stopping once
Every 5000km when I go for maintenance I changed something new.

New parts are (all changed within last year)
- left drive shaft
- Fuel pump 
- Aircon compressor 
- Clutch cable 
- Clutch plate 
- Brakes front and back 
- Battery 
- Spark plugs


Now, I have seen lots of reviews of the Naza Sutera, and they do not paint a very pretty picture honestly. But I have a suspicion, they might be comparing it to better or costlier cars. I wanted to know, is the above specific Sutera, a good choice for a decent temporary car for a couple of years? Specially as compared to my 2001 Kancil 660ex? As this is a temporary car, its only 5k, with new parts, and it would replace my kancil, so I am mainly thinking, is it a better replacement, for that price and above specs?


So basically, my choice is:
- Either I completely overhaul my Kancil to fix all issues (might 
cost around 3-4k)
- I buy this second hand sutera (the one I have described above) from an owner for around 5k.


I would really appreciate any honest reviews or help with this and let me know what you guys think.

Thanks a LOT. Much appreciated. :)smile emoticon

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