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Proton Wira '08 (Wise) Special Edition 1.5Gli Auto - Road To Natural Aspiration

proton wira special edition wise fuel injection natural aspiration modification automatic improvement performance

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Posted 07 February 2016 - 10:04 PM


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Dear Sifu(s) / Professional Modifiers / Experienced People(s),

To begin, I have little to no experience as well as not much knowledge on automotive knowledge, thus, I'll do my best to be as constructive and detailed as I am able to.

*Budget / Expenses Will to Commit*
-Modification Purposes = RM5,000 (subject to go for more, if really deemed effective)
-Yearly Maintenance Commitment = RM2,500 (more or less, exclusive of yearly road tax and car insurance)

*Objective of modification - General goal is to have a stock looking car with better under the hood performance*
-Improvement of throttle response and pick up from 0-100 km/h (goal).
-Improvement on hill climbing potential or ability to maintain 60-80 km/h on Karak Highway or Genting path (optional).
-Improvement of fuel consumption (optional).
-Comfortable drive with great tolerance to bumpiness and damping of potholes, etc (goal).
-Comfortable drive at 120 km/h with minimal to no wind noise and road noise (goal).
-Improvement on lesser/minimal car chassis body roll when cornering around 60-80 km/h, nothing more than that (goal).

*Car information*
Model - Proton Wira Special Edition (WiSE) '08
Bodykit - Proton Wira Special Edition Original Bodykit
Transmission - Automatic Transmission with 3 gears only (F3A21, stock)
Ownership - First hand since 2008.
Mileage - 65,000 kilometers (+-)
Engine Battery - Century Ultramax.
Engine Oil - Shell Helix HX7 10W-40 (semi synthetic oil, 5k mileage lifespan).
Auto Transmission Fluid - Proton donno what oil.
Oil Usage - Ron95 (generally, commonly).
Shock Absorbers - Stock Oil Absorbers (2 front oil leaking, 1 behind oil leaking, need to change asap).
Spring - Stock spring.
Suspension Mounting - Stock rubber mounting.
Suspension Bushing - Stock bushing.
Tyre - Escta SPT XRP 205/55-16
Brake - Stock brake pads.
Crank Pulley - Stock crank pulley.
Rims - Stock Proton sport rims 16' inch.
Timing Belt - Stock timing belt (just replaced it as it had recently reached 60,000 km)
ECU - Stock Siemens VDO (stupid ECU).
Engine - Stock 4g15p SOHC engine.
Extractor - Stock 4/2/1 extractor.
Exhaust System - Stock Wira Special Edition (WiSE) exhaust muffler and pipe.
Air Filter - Stock air filter box.
Throttle Body - Stock TB 42mm.
Carb / FI - Stock fuel injection panel.
Spark Plug - Stock copper spark plug (8 years old and have not yet change :lol:)
Radiator - Stock radiator (8 years old, looking forward to replace due to age).
Air-Condition Fan - Stock air-cond fan (just replaced cause had broken down).
Door Lining - Stock body and door rubber lining (8 years old, probably dead or harden already).
Sound Proofing - Nothing done so far.
Anti Roll Bar - Nothing done so far.
Sound System - Nakamichi sound player with one amplifier, one subwoofer inside my car boot, and 4 mini additional speakers to the current stock speakers.

*My current plan for modification*
-Change stock filter air box to K&N drop-in-air filter.
-Change throttle body to bigger size (probably 52mm to 55mm)
-Add on Ultra Racing strut bar on front 4 point strut tower bar and rear strut bar (maybe middle of the car too).
-Add on sound dampening acoustic material on 4 of my doors and mudguard (3M material film).
-Add on plug and play sound dampening foam on my car bonnet.
-Add on a fuel pressure regulator kit.
-Replacing my body and door rubber lining (8 pieces in total) for a new OEM made ones.
-Replace shock absorber (all of them) to Kayaba shock absorbers (2 front oil, 2 rear gas)
-Replace a bigger cooler water pipe (to withstand further potential heat from my car).
-Replace my copper spark plugs to Iridium grade spark plugs.
-Replace stock crank pulley to lightweighted crank pulley (LCP).
-Retuning my Siemens VDO ECU (donno should I do so, as bad reviews had been seen).

From the above, kindly do feel free to share with me your experience on what may I improve or change to get a better performance and comfortable experience from my ride. It would be better to change a new or another manufacturer car, but this car has sentimental value to me, thus, I want to keep it for self value.

Thank you in advance for those who are going to or had already helped me out by giving comments or guides.

Yours genuinely,

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