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Myvi Steering Bush 1.3Ezi

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Posted 10 August 2015 - 12:07 AM



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Hi All,
I had recently performed alignment on my Myvi 1.3 EZi (2006) as I had changed 2 new front tyres. Present mileage approx. 80k (more short distance drives).

Upon completion of alignment, I had driven it normally and over 1-2 weeks I noticed that the steering was needed to tilt to the left to keep the car straight (understand it is road surface and level dependent - but after driving in various locations, I believed the alignment was the issue).

Due to this, I had brought it back to the same tyre shop (in Petaling Jaya) to advice and realign accordingly.

To my surprise, he indicated that my steering bush are worned, thus he is unable to perform alignment on my wheels till this is changed.

Am I getting conned here, or is it a real situation?

I would like to know whether;
a. Has anyone encountered this need to replace worned steering bush?
b. If yes, how much for the bushes and labour charge?
c. After replacement, was there a need to do alignment and was it aligned properly?
d. If I do not change the bush and alignment is done, will the car be able to maintain the alignment (move in straight line - again road level & <or> surface dependent).

Reason for point d. is I want to perform alignment again in another tyre shop just to verify whether the 1st shop was misleading me in anyway...but before doing that, am looking forward for any of your valuable experience to assist in my next decision.

Appreciate any of your valuable feedback and advice.