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Safety First

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Posted 26 January 2014 - 11:42 AM



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i am a frequent road user on our highway.

i had in april last year involved in a near death accident at E2 km 107 north bound cause by a stationary car on the fast lane on the wee hour of the morning.

while driving near km 213 yesterday morning, i saw a horrific accident that i could not get off my mind.

i was crusing around 105kph. i saw a car about 500m ahead turn tangential and hit the left amco rail head on, the car flung back and hit the right amco rail before stopping.

i immediately put on my hazard light to warn the traffic from the rear. a fully modded 4x4 pickup from Kla*g that over took me mins ago slow down along with many other cars stop to help.

what i saw was a sad sight. the front left door of the car was flung open. the driver slumped on the seat and was motionless. i saw 2 more lying on the street.

i called plus help line and asked for urgent emergency services.

therefore i sincerely wish all drivers on our road to drive carefullly with full respect to other road users. observe traffic regulations and take road safety our priority to avoid misery for others and ourself.

DRIVE HOME SAFELY. we do not have other options!



Posted 01 October 2014 - 01:16 AM



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The driver must be able to deal capably and confidently with the changing traffic conditions and must be prepared at all times for unexpected dangers. The driver should be seated comfortably, be able to see everything around, and be able to reach all the controls without difficulty.
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