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Waja Mivec 4g92 Auto High Fc

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Posted 11 June 2013 - 05:09 PM


    3rd Gear

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Hi all sifu,

I am newbie here...
Recently just bought a second hand waja 1.8 which converted to 1.6 mivec auto 4g92 (from CJ4A) this year 2013 Feb.
Previous owner didn't do anything to the car and leave it there cause have few cars to use.

After I bought, found the car really sluggish and sent to mechanic to check.
Innitially the mechanic told me the piston compression is not right 3 piston can get around 120 ~ 130, another one can only get 80++.
The mechanic told me the engine is not balance and rust found at the spark plug...
Then change the plug to normal type and rev the engine... suddenly the 4th piston can get around 110 ~ 120... and a lot of rusty dust blown out...
Maybe the engine didn't run for too long.
(Just curious what is the normal compression reading for this kind of mivec engine?)

Finally found the Throttle Body's sensor damaged and the mechanic changed the whole Throttle Body to bigger bore size one.
He told me cannot get only the sensor...

After that, my car still sluggished but better then before...
Sent again to another Mechanic (Bigger shop in Taman Seroja, JB).
The boss told me my engine Mivec not enggaged... because the Mivec Locker have problem.....
Don't understand what is the Mivec Locker..
However, after a day service, the car looks like no more sluggish then before...

All sifu,
Below is my question.
1) what is the normal compression reading for each piston?
2) what is the original inlet size of the Mivec 4g92 Throttle Body?
3) If change to bigger size of Throttle Body, will it effect the fuel consumption?
I think my fc is quite high now 1km ~ RM0.23 if hihgway cruising(110~120km/hr) 60% , city drive(70~90km/hr) 40%
4) what is the normal fc for mivec 4g92 auto if not really high rev the engine?

Any Sifu around Please help.

1) Now if fully city driving at 70 ~ 90km/hr. The fc is around RM 0.3 (6.3km/ltr)
It is killing my wallet..
# Note Fuel Pressure Regulator setting is 2 bar... anything wrong... need to reduce it?
Please help......


Posted 03 January 2014 - 05:39 PM


    6th Gear

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