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Which Is Better; Persona Elegance Or Gen 2?

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Posted 16 December 2014 - 12:20 AM


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QUOTE (unpro @ Dec 26 2012, 09:41 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
the first gen Persona yielded 9.9km per liter driving around town, on a manual tranny. With the IAFM, you should see 9km to 14km per liter on an auto tranny. This will roughly be the same with Gen 2.

Assuming you will get the auto, note that the gearbox requires servicing every 20,000km. You must use an SPIII rated auto gearbox oil. Most service center will pour in Dexron III, stating it's still III. But the fact is Dexron II is below spec and you will experience lagging and high FC. I changed my Exora's gearbox oil to SPII recently and sometimes I even get a screeching start.

Mitsubishi , Kia and Hyundai all uses SPIII gearbox oil. If parts for these cars are common in your country, you should have no problem.

Proton also recommends SAE 30 engine oil (5W30, 15W30 , any oil with 30 at the end. Not sure if Egypt has frozen winter, in malaysia we don't need to care what's number is the winter scale) Most SC will use 20W50 oil. Too heavy for normal use unless you are towing something. Look for engine oil with ILSAF 4/5 rating, this can save up to 5% more fuel.

Unless... they sell the IAFM / CVT over there...

p.s. : Proton Saga SE and lower trim Preve auto both comes with IAFM / CVT combo.

Hi guys,
I'm Ramy, from Egypt too.
So can we say that the gen2 and persona elegance have the same stability? Equipped with the same suspension?

Thanks and best regards,