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Help Me Please...

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Posted 06 September 2012 - 04:04 AM


    6th Gear

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Salam n hello all...

I'm AJ fm Malacca n new to this forum hope to learn n share something here.

I'm seeking for your kindest help n assistance from all forumers to assist me to relocate my missing car. It was "sold" by means of "sambung bayar" (my worst n stupid mistake!!!) since 2008. For the first 11/2years, there's wasn't any problems arise. However, since early 2010, the buyer has defaulted the monthly payments n it's when my nightmare begins!! Effort to call n search the buyer from his address appeared in the IC was failed ever since!!! I've made a few Police Report n blacklisted the car in the JPJ/RTD system to unable the culprit from renewing the roadtax. Here a few info of the said car:

Maker : Naza
Model : Citra GS 2.0
Reg. No : MBH9944
Colour : Red ( Originally BLACK!! )

I'm begging from all kind forumers to have a good lookout n provide any info or sightings of this car to my mailbox aj.syaz@gmail.com ( i dunno if posting my HP no. here wud b a gud idea.. ). My dear friends.. This problem has put me into hell!!! I've been declared a BANKRUPT because of defaulting the payments, duly paying to Insolvency Dept every month, receiving summonses n all.. I do lost hope to found the car again until recently the car photo appears in MyEg (thanks MyEg!!)when i happen to check my summonses!! It has been painted red n still using the same registration number!! It was caught speeding at KM 53.6 PLUS highway near Pendang on 11/2/2012!! Thus it convince me that the car is still on the road give me a ray of hope to get it back one day... Hence, again i'm asking for your kindest assistance n all info will be treated confidentially and i'm thanking a million in advance...

** dear moderator... How to attach picture here??Salam n hello all...

Warmth regards n cheers...